Survey Software Company Alchemer 4th Fastest-growing

June 1, 2011

The 2011 Mercury 100 List was announced in May, ranking Alchemer as the fourth fastest-growing company among privately-owned companies in Boulder and Broomfield Counties with earnings over $2 million.

Presented by The Boulder County Business Report, two lists spotlight the top 50 companies with annual revenue of more than $2 million and those under $2 million. To make the lists, a private company must have its headquarters in Boulder or Broomfield Counties.

Founded in 2006 and based in Boulder, Colorado, Alchemer has become an industry thought leader in the online survey industry, focused on creating new features customers want and providing unparalleled support.  Alchemer has developed some of the most innovative technologies in its industry, and its API provides easy integration of its robust data collection platform with external enterprise software products.

With growth of 280% from 2008 to 2010, and the number of employees doubling since this time last year, Alchemer has thrived despite the economic climate. CEO and Co-founder Christian Vanek believes Alchemer’s value proposition of offering many features at a modest price, combined with a loyal corps of customers who are Alchemer’s evangelists, as key factors. Fostering strong customer relationships with customers has always been paramount to Alchemer. Today feedback from customers drives product development, with the product team shaping new offerings based on what they hear from users – it’s not uncommon for a new feature many customers are requesting to be launched in a matter of weeks.

Alchemer CEO and Co-Founder Christian Vanek is an East Coast native transplanted in Boulder who appreciates all that Boulder has to offer young technology companies, and he has found a wealth of tech expertise in this town of around 300,000 that is just 30 miles from Denver. Alchemer’s office is a casual environment that reflects the Boulder lifestyle – bikes are stowed in offices and shorts are considered business casual. The rooftop patio deck features a view of downtown against a backdrop of the Flatirons, a set of rocky mountain peaks that are Boulder’s most recognizable tourist attraction.

Alchemer is in good company in Boulder, which is home to more than its share of technology, software, aerospace and alternative energy companies. In a May, A New York Times article spotlighting the concentration of tech-driven companies in the area cited Boulder’s money, universities, high-tech talent pool and appealing lifestyle as just a few reasons some wonder if Boulder might become “the next Silicon Valley.”

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