New Feature: Page and Survey Countdown Timer

September 8, 2014

The new survey and page countdown timers make it super simple for you to create tests and quizzes using Alchemer!

You can now automatically move people forward in a survey when their page time is up or send them straight to the Thank You page if their entire survey time is up.

Running everything from timed school tests to fun internet dating quizzes, should now be even easier using the new countdown timers!


How Do The Countdown Timers Work?

There are two types of countdown timers available to you now: page timers and survey timers. Let’s start out with the entire survey timer and go over what you can do with it!

You have a couple of options with the entire survey timer and where you want people to go when the timer runs out. You can:

  • Redirect a survey taker to any subsequent page when the timer runs out OR
  • Send that survey taker to the Thank You page when the timer runs out

These come in especially handy when you’re running timed school test. Your test takers can go back and forth double checking their answers, but when their time is up, their time is up!

Now, let’s go over the other option, individual page timers. With the new page timers, you can get even more sophisticated with what you want to do and with that brings more options, including the following:

  • Automatically proceed to the next page after timer is up OR
  • Prevent respondent from proceeding to next page while timer is running
  • Timer repeats on all subsequent pages

Think of all the possibilities you now have being able to jump survey takers directly to the next page when their time is up!

And did I mention that you get to set the time limits (of course) as well as customize the display text of the timer. Learn all about how you can use and customize the timers in the Page and Survey Timer Tutorial.

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