Media Apps: 2020 Mobile Customer Engagement Benchmarks

Mobile apps in the Media category have experienced an uptick in traffic these past few weeks and months as people scramble to get their hands on the latest news regarding coronavirus.

So, what can these brands do to capture, analyze, and act on these changing customer behaviors? One of the most critical pieces to this puzzle is first understanding how your app compares to others in this industry and then tracking the changes you’re seeing against these benchmarks.

Above all, benchmarks can help you understand why. Why is sentiment changing? Why are more people leaving reviews? Why is your app rating decreasing? When you have solid benchmarks to measure against, they can help you make sense of your own data and answer these questions.

→Download the 2020 Mobile App Engagement Benchmark Report for Media Apps

We’re thankful that our annual Mobile App Engagement Report was published right around the time that everything started to really shift in the U.S. because it helps people have a frame of reference to understand changes they’re seeing in their own metrics. The report is meant to serve as a yardstick for companies seeking to understand how their customer feedback and engagement metrics stack up against the market.

This is our fifth consecutive year conducting this research. Data from our 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 reports is included to show shifts in brand focus and engagement over time. See the full 2020 report for more information on general, cross-industry benchmarks and other category-specific data.

Data included in the report:

  • The profile of an average app in the Media category
  • Customer sentiment distribution
  • Mobile app customer retention data
  • The top ten most common phrases in app store reviews tied with customer emotion
  • Average app rating for Media apps
  • Average app review volume
  • Typical app interaction and response rates
  • In-app survey response rates
  • Average inbound and outbound message volume
  • And more!

The bottom line is that product managers and mobile marketers in the Media category must have a baseline understanding of how their current performance stacks up with the marketplace – now, more than ever. Download your copy for free today by clicking the banner below.

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