Introducing Alchemer Pulse

Introducing Alchemer Pulse: turn noisy text feedback into signals you can act on, with AI built for customer-obsessed teams 

Today, we launched Alchemer Pulse: the only AI-driven text analysis solution specifically built for customer experience and feedback programs. Pulse gets you to the heart of how your customers really think and feel, and instantly turns overwhelming text feedback into signals you can act on.  

Companies have a wealth of customer insights in front of them, in the form of surveys, support interactions, digital feedback, app store ratings, review websites, and other sources of open-ended feedback sources—all of which contain answers to your biggest customer questions. 

But open-ended feedback is difficult, costly, and time-consuming to understand—and incredibly hard to act on. That means many companies opt against asking open-ended questions at all, especially when they need insights at scale. As a result, they miss out on incredibly valuable customer learnings. 

Pulse solves all these problems using AI that’s built specifically to help curious, customer obsessed teams uncover hidden customer insights and transform them into business impact. 


Why is acting on open-ended feedback so challenging? 

Problem 1: it’s noisy and difficult to understand 

The biggest obstacle to acting on open-ended feedback is that it’s hard to make sense of, especially as the volume of that feedback increases. You have multiple teams—CX, Marketing, Product, Support—all with multiple customer touchpoints across transactional surveys, digital feedback, support tickets, app reviews, review websites, and more. It’s incredibly hard to see a comprehensive view of all your open text feedback and untangle what it means, let alone organize it in a way where you can make sense of it. 

Problem 2: it’s costly and time-consuming to review 

If you do want to review all that feedback, that means manually tagging feedback with theme and sentiment before you can do any analysis. Not only does this kind of work take hours. Often, companies find that they either don’t have the bandwidth for any kind of ongoing analysis, or that they have to hire multiple people to handle the volume. Even a single person struggles to tag feedback in a consistent way. Issues with bias and consistency compound when you have to throw more people at the problem. 

Problem 3: it’s incredibly hard to turn into business impact 

Even when you spend the time and energy manually analyzing your open text feedback, it’s often hard to turn that work into meaningful outcomes. Tagging and analysis take time, which means you have no real-time view of your customer feedback. This causes delays and you may miss issues as they occur. More importantly, there isn’t an easy way to get your manual analysis in front of the people who need the data. Results are packed into spreadsheets or slides and quickly looked at once or not at all. Without the ability to connect the right people to the right insights, it’s difficult to drive any results. 

Alchemer Pulse turns noisy text feedback into signals you can act on 

Understand what customers really think and feel—in their own words 


Pulse unifies all your sources of open-ended feedback and gets you to the heart of what your customers really think and feel with unmatched accuracy.

  1. Unlike other AI solutions that can only assign a single sentiment to text feedback, Pulse can identify multiple themes in a single comment and apply granular sentiment to each one.  
  1. It organizes all your feedback by theme, and generates concise, accurate summaries of what your customers are actually saying without any manual analysis.  
  1. Now, you have a single source of truth for all your text feedback, and at any point you can filter your data by source, feedback theme, date range, and more—so you’re always seeing the exact view of feedback and sentiment that you need. 

Instantly turn qualitative feedback data into trackable, actionable insights


Pulse removes all the pain of costly, time-consuming manual text feedback analysis with powerful reports that show you exactly how customer sentiment impacts every aspect of your business. That way, you can see which trends are causing your key metrics—like NPS scores—to change, in real time. For example, if you operate an ecommerce business, you might see that customer sentiment is very positive towards product quality, but that there’s a lot of frustration with the shipping options you offer.  

Now, instead of struggling to identify the root cause of identifying critical patterns and emerging trends, you can see trends as they emerge and quickly prioritize the issues that will impact not just key metrics, but actual business outcomes. 

Analyze and act on open text feedback faster than ever, at unheard-of scale 

digital-experience-sentiment-scores-on appstore-and-playstore

Pulse does more than make tactical reporting a breeze—it gives you a strategic view of all your customer touchpoints, and lets you create custom command centers for all your teams. In seconds, you can create and share powerful dashboards that let you quickly identify issues, keep everyone aligned and on track, and measure your impact.  

With Pulse, you can start with a question—like “How can we drive higher customer loyalty”—and instantly put relevant, real-time data in front of everyone who needs it. You can easily schedule and share dashboards with stakeholders without forcing them to log in every day, and automated alerts and notifications let you know the instant key metrics change. That way, you have a single source of truth that empowers all your teams to act on unstructured feedback at scale. 

How it comes together 

First, Pulse collects and unifies your customer feedback data—like your Alchemer Survey and Digital data, as well as Trustpilot reviews, support tickets, App Store and Google Play ratings, even social media. That lets you see all your audience’s thoughts and feelings in one single, unified place. 

Next, Pulse analyzes all that text, identifies sentiments and themes in your feedback, and instantly summarizes all those insights in a digestible format. 

From there, Pulse quantifies all those qualitative responses, making it easy to identify and act on customer issues. You can quickly add reports to tailored dashboards that align every team on what matters, and clearly track your impact. 

Now, you can keep everyone moving in the right direction, share real-time updates with stakeholders, and find collaborative solutions to customer and business issues, fast. 

Ready to turn your open text feedback into business insights? 

We know open text feedback can be overwhelming—but it’s also incredibly valuable. That’s why Alchemer Pulse helps you cut through the noise. If you’re ready to see how Pulse can help you prioritize the right initiatives, boost customer loyalty, and ultimately drive more revenue, you can schedule a live demo here

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