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Integrated Learning
March 12, 2020

By Ron Quan, Director of Learning and Development

Making it easier for you to meet and exceed your goals is a top priority for Alchemer. That’s why we created an integrated digital learning system. The Alchemer University is integrated into the Alchemer app, so there’s only one login and password for you to remember. Once logged in to the app, you have access to our first self-paced learning program – Beginner Essentials – within the Alchemer platform. 

What you’ll find  

By clicking on the new Alchemer University link in the app, you will be taken to the catalog. Currently, you’ll find the Beginner Essentials Program there. Over the next few weeks, more training will be added to this training catalog, such as new self-paced programs and webinars, Alchemer Ultimate Training, Virtual Private Training, and On-site Private Training. All are designed to unlock the power of the Alchemer platform and maximize the success of your business projects. The Beginner Essentials course and webinars are included in your subscription. Virtual, On-site and Ultimate trainings are available in addition, or as part of a Learning and Development package. 

What is the Beginner Essentials Program? 

The Beginning Essentials Program is the first in a series of self-paced online courses designed to accelerate your learning, so you can meet and exceed your project goals. This program (which is free to subscribers) begins with an application tour. From there, users can learn how to create a project; learn about the basic question types; discover the basic actions, logic, styles, and results; and learn about testing a survey and distributing it.   

The Alchemer Application Tour is designed to help people become familiar with the three main functions on the Alchemer Homepage; understand the primary functions of the Account Menu, the Need Help menu, and the Alchemer Homepage. 

Creating a Project 

This module is designed for people creating their first project. It provides an overview of creating and naming a new project. There are four ways to start a new project, and this class explains the differences. It also identifies the three main building blocks for any survey, as well as how to add and delete pages.  

Basic Question Types 

There are eight basic questions types with which to build a survey, this class covers them all as well as how to add new questions. Participants will learn to identify the three important factors to consider before selecting the correct question type. This class also shows how to match the name of the eight question types to their definitions, and how to build answer options for the question type selected. Participants will also learn how to save a newly created question to their survey using the “Save Question” button. 

Basic Actions 

Actions allow survey builders to guide respondents through the survey quickly so there is no survey fatigue. In this class, participants will learn the primary function of Actions in Alchemer and where to place Actions within a survey. The class will also teach how to identify the four most commonly used survey Actions and their definitions, as well as how to use the “Add” button to create an action, and the “Save Action” button to save a newly created action to a survey. 

Basic Logic 

Survey logic is a powerful tool that is often overlooked. This class will explain and identify the three elements in which you can add logic (Page, Question, Skip/DQ). It will also show participants how to navigate to the logic tab within the element they wish to hide or show. After completing this class, participants will be able to identify and describe the three parts in the Logic Builder, and how their primary functions, as well as the six steps it takes to add logic to a question. 

Basic Style 

After completing this course, participants will be able to navigate to the Style tab and the Themes menu to select a prebuilt theme and then add a quick color scheme or customize the colors of a survey. This class will also teach how to upload an image file to the logo menu. Additionally, participants will learn how to apply the style changes and preview the survey in desktop and mobile environments. 

Test Your Survey 

An important element of creating a survey is testing it before distribution. This course teaches people how to test a survey and understand the fatigue score and accessibility score can help assess the length of a survey. Participants will also learn how to generate test data, test a new response, and invite others to test surveys.  


Once the survey is complete and tested, this course shows how to distribute a survey using the Share tab within Alchemer. The course also covers the Primary Link is and its limitations, what a Tracking Link offers and its benefits during survey distribution, and how to locate the Source Tracking section of the Share Tab. 

Basic Results 

This course teaches participants the three primary ways to view data, as well as how to navigate to the Individual Response page and view individual response data. Attendees will also learn how to create and share a standard report and create a CSV/Excel export. 

Learning Made Easy 

The advantage of this self-paced course is that survey builders can take it – and repeat it – as they need. One person might take the first few courses to start building a survey, then take others as they get more comfortable with the product. Another might take all of the classes before beginning, and yet another might play around with the product before taking any classes. In all cases, this solution helps people learn with in-product guidance.

You can also explore in-application guidance, which allows you to learn by doing within your own account. 

Our complimentary self-paced Beginning Essentials learning program is great for project builders new to the Alchemer platform. And our complimentary recorded webinars are a great way to pick up tips and tricks along the way for free. Download our Alchemer University sheet to learn more.

Private virtual and on-site trainings are most effective for curriculum customized to your project goals. The Ultimate Training classes allow people to share and learn from others as they develop new skills from Alchemer training experts.  

Alchemer University is growing and constantly developing new courses to make it even easier to become an expert and make Alchemer solve specific business needs. Check the Alchemer University tab within the product each month and browse the training catalog. Or read more here.

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