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Combining Reports – An Answer to One of Your NPS Questions 

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Most people don’t realize that the team at Alchemer reads every NPS® (Net Promoter Score) survey. Recently we received a question in our NPS survey that helped us recognize that many people don’t realize that we have Administrative Questions. In the survey, the customer noted: 

Score: 10
Improve: Make it easier to combine data from multiple surveys that have identical layouts.
Favorite: It is pretty intuitive to set up, conduct, and download data from surveys.

Combining Survey Data

Alchemer does allow you to combine data from multiple surveys. However, the survey construction must be identical. This is because data is combined using Question IDs – simply having a question that is worded the same across surveys will not work if the Question IDs are not identical.

Combined reporting is best done with surveys that do not change over time – such as C-SAT, NPS®, and even Employee Experience surveys. It’s also good for measuring changes over time in brand awareness studies, as long as changes in the competition, terminology, or product do not affect the study.

Combining Survey Data is available on Full Access licenses. You can learn more here:

Setting Up to Combine Results

The first step is to make sure that your surveys are all constructed the same with consistent questions being asked for each Question ID.

Next, create a Standard Report on any one of your identical surveys and click Combine Results located in the upper right-hand corner of your report.

In the search field provided enter either the survey name or ID and select the correct survey when it appears in the menu. You can repeat this for multiple surveys if you wish.

Once multiple surveys are added, the data for all surveys will be aggregated together in the combined report.

To learn more, read Combine Related Survey Data in our Documentation.

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