Alchemer CEO Reacts to Being Named a High Performer in Enterprise Feedback Management by G2 Crowd

November 2, 2017

Dear Alchemer Users,

Ten years ago, we launched Alchemer as a software tool to help market researchers carry out projects more quickly, and gather insights without the need for inefficient and cumbersome work to build their data collection mechanisms. For a long time we operated as an incredibly robust tool for users that needed a tool to satisfy fairly simple, straightforward needs.

Over the past decade we’ve had clients that have pushed the limits both of our tool, and of our vision for what we previously considered possible as a company. We love all of our customers, but there is a special place in my heart for those users that have “hacked” our product to make it do things we’d never considered before. These users are the people that have opened our eyes to what we are truly capable of here at Alchemer.

We have grown to become far more than just a piece of survey software.

When we came to the realization that businesses were consistently using Alchemer to build customized data applications tailored to their own specific needs, we identified a whole new world of potential for ourselves as an organization. There is truly no reason why Alchemer shouldn’t be functioning as the central data collection and insights platform across entire enterprises looking to streamline their efforts.

With the inclusion of Alchemer in the G2 Crowd Enterprise Feedback Management Grid Report, we’ve been recognized by our users as a truly comprehensive enterprise-level feedback management platform. We’ve always known that we’ve had these capabilities, but we’re humbled and honored that our beloved users and the respective market have validated this perspective by recognizing our performance in this space.

“Alchemer has been identified as a High Performer in our Fall 2017 Enterprise Feedback Management Grid Report, based on their high levels of satisfaction,” said Mitch Lieberman, Director of Research for G2 Crowd.

I especially love this quote because it validates, for me, that when we put our minds towards a goal such as expanding our offerings to better suit our clients, and dedicate the appropriate resources to achieving that goal, our users take notice, implement new solutions, and love us for it. And we love them back.

I’d like to take this opportunity to express my extreme gratitude. Thank you so much to all of our users and customers that have continued to push us to be the best company we can be. We vow to continue to improve and enhance our product to provide optimal service to all of our users.

With your help, data can truly make a difference.


Christian Vanek, CEO

G2 Crowd Grid® for Enterprise Feedback Management Software

G2 Crowd Recognizes Alchemer As A High Performer In Enterprise Feedback Management [Press Release]

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