Big Data is Bringing Healthcare to a Smarter Level

August 16, 2017

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“…Healthcare big data analytics is starting to become a platform for architecting a new vision of what it means to be a smart society.”

Today’s Story:  

  •’s recent piece, “How Healthcare Big Data Analytics Helps Build Smart Societies” couples two potent conversations around the use of data right now: healthcare and IT.
  • With the 2014 Federal Mandate, the move to digitize patient records and store them as an EHR, or Electronic Health Record, has been seen as a menial data entry task to modernize. Unfortunately, big data has not been framed as a way to the industry in innovating across the board.
  • The conversation around the use of big data has been a tricky one — with lots of debate about the use and security of patient information.
  • Big data, in one way, shape, or form, has been at the forefront of improving the country’s healthcare system by using data collected from patients, health insurance claims, and other health data. These data sets tell a community’s story, such as unemployment rates, community demographics, and annual income figures.  
  • For example, the article highlights:
    • “Longer life expectancy is correlated with higher economic performance in regions that experience more positive health outcomes, the study indicates, giving public health officials and policy makers a strong incentive to invest in cutting-edge healthcare delivery system that prioritize preventive, proactive, and accessible care.”
  • In order to innovate and make progress in the healthcare industry, the article spotlights how linking different data sets from a variety of sources is the linchpin to ridding the smoke and mirrors that throwing around the term “innovation” can conjure, and can actually make an industry more efficient and effective.  
  • In short, big data, really can chart the course forward to a radically intelligent approach to nationwide healthcare.
  • Put simply, big data is no longer just for big corporations.

    We’re curious what you think and where you stand on the debate around “big data,” especially in the healthcare industry. We welcome all sides of the conversation to chime in using the comments section below.

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