As Alchemer Evolves, So Does Your Experience

March 5, 2020

By Kristin Vroman, Senior Manager of Product Management, and Chris Cantrell, Senior UX Designer

We are continually adding new features and functionality to the Alchemer platform, and over time, it has evolved to become a de facto standard at several Fortune 500 companies. Consequently, the UI (User Interface) design has evolved. The Enterprise Console is the latest development, based on feedback from our customers. It puts the most commonly used and most powerful features first.

This new console is called the Enterprise Experience, and it can be found in the Profile and Settings section of the application. The new information architecture is designed to make it just as easy to find projects, but much easier to find advanced tools, such as Account management, Design Libraries, Research Libraries, Integrations, Support, and even the new Alchemer University. It is the default for all new accounts.


Enterprise teams need central management of more than just the billing. Admins need to be able to manage who has accounts and which accounts have access to sensitive information. Under the Account Tab, admins can access Account Summary, Settings, User Management (Users, Teams, and Roles), Billing, and Sub Accounts.

Here, an account administrator can manage users, teams, and roles. This allows an admin to set enterprise-wide rules and apply them to each account. Additionally, this tab makes it easy to centralize the billing and sub-account management so that cost centers and departments can keep their data and accounting separate, but united.

The Design Library

The Design Library section makes it faster and easier for survey builders to create surveys to gather the best feedback possible. Under the Design Library Tab, survey builders can access Files, Survey Themes, and Report Themes.

The Files section provides fast access to files such as logos, forms, screenshots, and photos. This makes it easy to build branded surveys and to include visuals that make it easier for respondents to provide better and more accurate information.

In addition, this tab includes Survey Themes, such as branded themes, custom themes, and video themes that make it faster and easier to build surveys. There is also the Report Themes section, where researchers can store internal, executive, and customer-facing report templates. It’s also easy to store new themes to both sections.

Research Library

The Research Library hosts those common elements that allow data scientists and researchers to compare elements from different surveys. Under the Research Library tab, researchers will find Global Questions, Custom Reports, Custom Questions, and R Scripts. Here, researchers will be able to create and save custom reports (including star ranking tests) and questions (such as those with image sliders) that are created over time, as well as more advanced R Scripts to process and analyze statistical data in an open-source platform.


This is where we host Data Connectors (such as to Salesforce), all of the managed Domains, Website Intercepts, and Account Notifications. The Data Connectors sub-tab delivers access to all accessible integrations – both free and subscription-based.

This is the tab for managing survey Domains. Adding private domains and sub-domains in order to enhance the branded presence is done here. This is also the tab to manage Website Intercepts, which pop up a survey link while customers are using your site.

The Integrations tab is also where an admin or manager can manage account notifications for any created surveys, updates, published, or closed surveys; plus received responses.

Find it in the Preferences

Subscribing Alchemer customers can find the Enterprise console in the application by logging in and looking in the upper right corner of the window. Under Account, select Summary, then select My Preferences. The Application Themes options appear in the middle of the screen. Select Enterprise Experience (beta) then scroll to the bottom and select Save. To return to one of the other themes, look in the upper right-hand corner under the profile icon, and select Profile and Settings.

With the Enterprise Console, Alchemer customers can now find the most powerful and most often-used tools easily. In addition, the new account admin tools make it easier to manage accounts across an organization; providing the guardrails that make it safe for people to collect the feedback they need, integrate and operationalize that data, to better serve customers of all kinds.

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Have you already tried the new Enterprise Console?  If so, send us a note and tell us how it has helped you!

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