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Survey Tips
May 11, 2022

Tips and Tricks to Simplify Your Work Life

We talk to our customers all the time about how they’re using Alchemer. And, for the most part, they use Alchemer in all the ways you’d expect – employee engagement, customer experience, Voice of the Customer, market research, product development, and so on. But there are a few who take Alchemer out for drive and spin it into something we didn’t expect.

Some of these might be basic and hopefully, you’re already doing a few.

Here’s the beauty of Alchemer, it doesn’t cost you any extra to do this. Your only investment is a little time. Why not get more from your investment?

Simplify Ordering

Do you order sandwiches from the same place every month or so

for the department or office? Why not put the menu in an Alchemer survey and find out what people really want. That way you end up with just enough pastrami and not too much egg salad. You can also use the same approach to figure out where people want to eat.

Are you ordering t-shirts for the picnic or launch party? A quick survey will give you more precise numbers for each size.

If you’re ordering business cards, you can put the entire process into a survey that you share via the intranet. That way you collect their information and quantity needed quickly and easily and you can even have it automatically populate a spreadsheet that you send to the printer. You can even trigger an email to be sent to their manager for approval.

Simplify Automating

When people start at your company, what’s your process for getting them a desk, computer, pens and pads, nameplate, access card, email account, and everything else they need on day one? A quick survey in Alchemer, sent to the hiring manager upon the candidate accepting the job, can take care of everything quickly. You can even offer pre-approved options for computers and accessories, and tailor allowed answers based on role and responsibilities.

You can also create forms for work orders for your business services group, for things such as IT, office services, facilities, and more. The system can even send an email to the requester’s manager and to the requested service team, automating approvals which creates a happier experience for everybody.

Simplify Requesting

You can use Alchemer to automate the approval process in your expense reports. You can create a form for entering an expense report that populates a spreadsheet. When the employee is finished, the spreadsheet is forwarded to the appropriate people for approval.

This can also work for purchase requisitions. In fact, the Alchemer team did exactly that and slashed the time it took to route a purchase requisition through the system. The same approach can be used to request time off or to use company equipment, such as a car, forklift, or video equipment.

Simplify Understanding

A quick way to get to know people is a fun survey. You can ask people if they’re dog or cat people, outdoorsy-types or glampers, Star Wars or Star Trek, Marvel or DC. You can extend this to your customers, patients, or social media at large. Then you can report the results to build team cohesion and improve customer relations.

Come holiday time, you can use Alchemer to create a fun poll, run it on social media or through your newsletter, and then share your results. It’s a great way to build engagement.

One customer uses Alchemer to automate logistics for their sales training, allowing people to sign up for specific courses, while tracking a variety of data, including attendance, topic, and geographic information.

Simplify Testing

It’s easy to test and grade automatically by creating the entire exam in Alchemer. You can assign points for testing and integrate it with Google Sheets so that the scores are automatically reported there. This can work for onboarding, certifications, and traditional classroom environments.

One customer even has machines provide the feedback for scores. Measurement devices provide the feedback, and if something is outside normal readings, Alchemer shoots a message to the group responsible for that specific device.

Simplify Working

The best part is that you don’t need any extra modules, packages, or pre-defined templates to do any or all of these (okay, you might need an extra seat if somebody else is doing them or a product add-on for some features like integrations with Salesforce or Slack). All of these ideas have come from projects our customers and our employees have done, without buying expensive packages.

We’ve had customers dig into Alchemer to create their own internal restaurant and hotel review sites, a basic CRM, and even a way to allow clients to customize their purchases easily.

What you can do with Alchemer is really limited only by your imagination. And if you need help bringing your ideas to life, we have training and professional services teams here to give you a hand.

If you’re new to Alchemer, you can test-drive it yourself here.

Or, if your organization is looking for the solution for people who’ve outgrown SurveyMonkey but don’t want the expense and headaches of Qualtrics, get a demo here.

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