Independent Review of our Online Survey Software

December 19, 2007

Today, we stumbled upon a great review of Alchemer on a blog about marketing research technology. Mark Kupferman goes into great detail about us (actually, it might be even better than the guide one our own website!) starting with this statement:

“Alchemer is among the most easy to use, best priced, feature packed internet survey software packages I have seen. And I’ve seen a number of them. I highly recommend it….[Alchemer] includes just about everything you need. And it’s easy…very Web 2.0ish.”

Of course, this caught our attention immediately.

He also writes that Alchemer “includes some really fancy question types that I’ve never seen anywhere else.”

Mark gives a great rundown on some of our unique features and states “I think it is fair to say that many of the features available in Alchemer aren’t even available in many of the paid packages I’ve tried. ”

Take a look: Read the Full Review

Mark’s site is also a great source of information about Market Research. While you are there, read some of his other articles & reviews.

Thanks for the kind words, Mark!

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