Alchemer’s New Solutions Licenses!

January 10, 2017

On January 17th, 2017, Alchemer is making changes to our plans and pricing to help us solve a problem common to businesses and customers like you.

Which problem?

How to keep improving the product without raising prices for everyone!

We have many great additions to the application planned for this year that we know that you’ll find valuable – because they come directly from requests you’ve been making.

We also know that not everyone will need or want every new feature we add. Features that an HR professional asks for may not be useful for a market researcher, for example.

Why should the market researcher’s cost go up? It shouldn’t.

So, true to our iterative nature, we’ve designed a new model for our accounts to factor this in and let our customers buy bundles of features that are used together (solution licenses). Also, for the first time ever, we are letting you mix-and-match the licenses you have in Team & Enterprise accounts.

For example, is your team made up of a bunch of data analysts, a handfull of market researchers, two interns, and your CEO who only wants to see the final reports? No problem! Alchemer has customized licenses for each one of these positions, so you don’t pay for access you don’t need.

How Alchemer Licenses Work

Here is a preview the licenses that we have designed for January 17th. Feature grids will be published on the 17th as well.

Basic License

Designed for simple surveys, forms, and quizzes. This level is most appropriate for new or inexperienced users who just want to get started creating without a ton of training.

Standard License

Similar to our existing Pro account, this licenses is for users who want to get more from their projects with advanced features and more sophisticated reporting. However, it doesn’t have many of the specific and specialized functions of Market Researcher or HR Professional-specific packages.

Market Researcher License

Created for power users who dive deep into market research. In addition to functions like advanced quotas, choice-based conjoint, this license includes some advanced question types and our R library.

HR Professional License

This license is designed to meet the specific needs and challenges of human resource professionals. With this license, users have all of the tools they need to conduct engagement surveys, 360 reviews, pulse surveys, and manage job applicants.

Full Access License

For power users who want full, unlimited, unrestricted access to everything Alchemer has to offer. This license includes every single feature for the survey creator who wants unlimited data collection power.

Report User License

For those users who don’t need to (or shouldn’t) build surveys in your account, this license grants users access to reports and data. We use this license most often to share reports with stakeholders so that everyone in our organization is in the know.

These new licenses will help us to continue developing new features and improvements you ask for with the software. And they help YOU get exactly what you want and need from your software.

We’re excited about these changes, but it is a big change from how accounts have been organized before. Have questions? Our support and sales teams are happy to help. Give us a call at 1-800-609-6480.

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