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Alchemer University Delivers New Course for Alchemer Workflow

New Alchemer University Content! 

By Amy Springer, Senior Digital Learning Content Developer

Alchemer University launches a new program on February 17th – Alchemer Workflow.

Alchemer Workflow is a no-code feedback workflow engine. It expands on Alchemer’s market-leading collection heritage by connecting feedback with your people, so they can create deeper connections with customers. In this course you will find:

  • Introduction to Alchemer Workflow
  • Tour of Alchemer Workflow
  • Alchemer Workflow in Action
  • How to Build Together!

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Identify what Alchemer Workflow is
  • Define why Alchemer Workflow was built
  • Identify how Alchemer Workflow allows you to collect and connect your feedback
  • Navigate the Alchemer Workflow platform and identify the purpose and value of each feature
  • Identify how Alchemer Workflow can be a solution for running an effective NPS program
  • Identify how Alchemer Workflow can be a solution for running an effective Employee Engagement Program
  • Use various features to build a workflow

New! Alchemer University Feedback Survey

We want feedback on your Alchemer University experience so far. The survey can be found here:

Since the first program was released in early 2020, more than 72,000 Alchemer users have successfully enrolled and participated in AU Courses to increase their knowledge and usage of the application.

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