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January 4, 2023

By David Roberts, Alchemer CEO

Today we announce Alchemer’s acquisition of Apptentive to customers and employees. It’s an exciting time for us and for our industry.

Our industry is incredibly important and yet not well defined. People call it customer experience (CX), employee experience (EX), voice of the customer (VoC), feedback management (EFM), survey software (SS), or experience management (XM). Regardless of its label, our customers know what they are trying to accomplish – to engage their customers and employees, to hear from them, and to respond to serve them better. In short, customers want to connect with customers and employees so they can respond and close the loop. Closing the loop empowers companies to find and keep their best customers and employees – something every organization must do.

Something else is clear too — our industry is consolidating, driven by software-industry economic factors and by the maturation of experience management. With KKR’s backing, we have an amazing opportunity to bring new products to our customers and new talent to our team. Our customers should expect Alchemer to continue to innovate and improve our core products, and to acquire new products that fit with our vision and philosophy.

We were interested in Apptentive for a few reasons. Right from the start, Robi Ganguly (Apptentive CEO) and I were aligned on the vision for our combined company – to give every customer a voice and, importantly, make every voice matter. Alchemer has always provided industry-leading survey software and has enabled our customers to engage their customers and employees by inviting them into that survey experience. With Apptentive, we extend the platform to engage customers and employees where they show up; in the mobile applications and experiences that they love.

Apptentive’s mobile business is exciting and only the start for Alchemer digital engagement strategy. We will leverage Apptentive’s technology and expertise to expand the existing mobile experience, and to show up in websites, gaming platforms, voice-enabled devices, and everywhere people engage with companies online. By leveraging Alchemer’s workflow and integration capabilities, our customers can put this feedback to work, closing the loop with customers and employees who take the time to provide feedback on those experiences.

This is an exciting leap forward for Alchemer and a new horizon for Apptentive. We’re grateful that you’re with us on our journey to engage the world’s customers and to prove to them that we are listening.

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