7 Survey Templates & Examples You Can Use Today

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Knowing where to begin while building a survey is often the most difficult stage of the process. With the survey examples and templates below, we’ve gotten the ball rolling for you. 

Now you can skip the building stage of survey administration and jump right to distributing your survey and analyzing the results to inform better business decisions.

Net Promoter Score (NPS®) Survey Template & Example

Efficiently measure customer loyalty and gather feedback to improve satisfaction levels.

In this survey example, respondents are asked to arrange their answers to the following question on an 11-point continuum, from “Not at All Likely” to “Very Likely.”

“Detractors” are respondents who answer on the “Not Likely” end of the spectrum (0 to 6) 

“Passives” are respondents who answer in the 7 to 8 range.

“Promoters” are respondents who answer in the “Very Likely” range (9 or 10).

To calculate your organization’s official NPS®, all you need to do is take the total percentage of Promoters and subtract the percentage of Detractors. You can then leave this metric as a percentage, such as 43%, or change it to a whole number, in this case 43.

The survey template and example below outlines the most efficient means to gather the data necessary for calculating your NPS®.

Install the survey template today and start administering surveys that will allow you to gain a tighter grasp on customer loyalty.

Employee Happiness Survey Template & Example

Measure and boost employee happiness and engagement.

Employees do their best work when they are engaged, fulfilled, and happy. But the majority of the time, measuring employee engagement and happiness is over complicated due to political factors in the office. 

This survey will help reveal the truth about employee engagement and workplace happiness in your organization.

Receiving this detailed, personalized, and optionally anonymous feedback from your employees will provide the foundation of data necessary to make improvements to organizational culture.

The survey template below outlines a simple survey example that provides serious benefits.

Install the survey template today to start building a happier, more productive organizational culture.

Event Registration Survey Template & Example

Planning your next event doesn’t need to be stressful.

Let’s face it — planning events can easily become overwhelming. From determining your audience, to coordinating the schedules of your attendees, there’s a lot to consider.

This survey template and example takes the stress out of planning events. By using it, you’ll be able to gather all of the information required to ensure that your attendees receive the optimum value from your event. 

All of your event planning data will conveniently be housed in one location, and you’ll be able to easily follow up with attendees to learn how you can improve for your next event.

Install the survey template today to start hosting more successful events.

Customer Experience (CX) Evaluation Survey Template & Example

Uncover insights into how your customers really feel about you.

In today’s business landscape, customers hold the power. That’s why it’s imperative to routinely ask for customer feedback on the experiences that you’re providing to your client base. 

This survey example and template will allow you to receive the customer feedback you need in order to provide the most value possible. 

Install the survey template today to start leveraging customer feedback more efficiently than ever before.

Public Opinion/Demographics Survey Template & Example

Gather impactful yet personal information with confidence and security.

How can you ask for intimately personal information and opinions while maintaining privacy and security? With this survey example and template!

Asking for information such as political views and religious affiliation is an extremely delicate process. How do you make people feel comfortable enough to be honest, and that their responses are kept private while stored in a secure location?

This survey example and template outlines the most politically correct way to inquire about sensitive personal information. 

Install the survey template today to start securely asking respondents for personal information, while maintaining confidence in security.

Healthcare Intake Assessment Survey Template & Example

Automate your check-in process and free up your schedule.

How do your patients check in for appointments upon visiting your office? Does someone from your team record their information? Do they visitors fill out physical paperwork? 

It’s time to automate your check in process.

With this survey example and template, information can conveniently be stored and uploaded to your database without any action required from your team.

Install the survey template today to begin automating your check in process so that your team can spend its time on the initiatives that matter most to your organization.

Mortgage Readiness Quiz Survey Template & Example

How do you evaluate if someone is ready to take out a mortgage?

Purchasing a home is a daunting task. So is taking out a mortgage. 

In order to evaluate whether or not an applicant is qualified for a mortgage, you need secure, confidential means of asking for extremely personal information.

This survey example and template allows you to do just that.

Install the survey template today to begin identifying qualified mortgage candidates.

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