Alchemer for Product Development 

The Alchemer Enterprise Feedback Platform is used by product developers and UI/UX researchers in companies of all sizes and across all industries.

  • Easily capture qualitative and quantitative feedback
  • Drive an informed product strategy

With Alchemer, you can:

• Quickly capture customer and user insights
• Measure shifts in mobile customer emotions
• Increase app retention rates
• Route feedback across product development 
• Prioritize features on your product roadmap 
• Validate market fit and measure brand awareness 
• Understand pain points and deliver more satisfactory products
• Embed surveys directly within products for real-time feedback 

Repeatedly recognized by peer reviews sites and industry analysts for our flexibility, ease of use, and speed to value, Alchemer enables you to start building and launching projects on day one. Alchemer is so easy to use that it often doesn’t require IT resources, and data is protected with industry-leading security and privacy.

A global leader in online video gaming uses Alchemer to choose graphics for upcoming releases. In one case, game developers and UX Researchers tested over 100 images with an audience of 5,000 serious gamers, which provided the product team with valuable data-driven insights that shaped the outcome of their products. 

Make More Informed Decisions, Confidently with Alchemer for
Product Development

Collect Feedback
and Insights

Understand your users’ pain points from right within your product. Gain a direct line to the voice of the customer by using Alchemer embed codes and website intercept to embed feedback surveys within your website or platform.

Validate Product Ideas with Concept Testing 

Gather feedback to validate your hypotheses and evaluate consumer response before investing in a new offering. Increase confidence that your new features and product will increase customer satisfaction, usage, and revenue prior to launch.

Feature Prioritization and Customer Demand

Provide your product management team with customer insights to inform product roadmap development and feature prioritization. Collect feedback from your customers to gauge interest and demand in new features and leverage Alchemer’s Conjoint and Max/Diff analysis capabilities to identify priorities.

User Experience

Improve customer loyalty, increase retention, and positively impact customer experience by collecting customer feedback, taking action to close the loop, and analyzing feedback in meaningful ways.

Uncover Deep Insights with
Open Text Analysis

Reveal the insights at the heart of your customers’ feedback using Open Text Analysis in Alchemer reports to better understand the needs that are critical to your products in development.

Align Cross-Functional Teams with a Central Data Source

Reduce inefficient planning and processes by aligning all your teams with a data-driven view of what your customers and market want most, using Alchemer’s reporting and exporting features.

Target Market Identification and Positioning

Use Alchemer Panel Services to identify your target segments by demographics, psychographics, or usage. Manage your own panels or enlist the help of the Alchemer team to manage them for you. 

Capture Beta
Testing Feedback

Recruit and screen a community of beta testers, and capture their thoughts, feelings, and engagement data during product testing with Alchemer’s advanced question types and reports built for product feedback.

Customer Stories: Alchemer for Product Development

Iconic Motorcycle

An iconic motorcycle manufacturer uses Alchemer to survey customers about what after-market accessories they would like to see next. The results are funneled into the R&D team, allowing customer feedback to dictate product decisions. 

US Videogame

A prominent videogame developer uses Alchemer to gauge player satisfaction with new releases of games in a franchise. Understanding what players enjoy and don’t is key to building a successful franchise with a loyal fanbase. 

Some of the companies that use Alchemer to impact their business

  • Adobe logo
  • Salesforce logo
  • Verizon logo
  • Takeda Logo