What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on a user’s web browser by sites they visit over the internet. They can serve a variety of purposes such as saving a session for a website, tracking what sites a user has visited, and saving user preferences, just to name a few. Like most other websites, Alchemer uses cookies to collect data about visitors to our site. Cookies enable us to recognize your browser when you visit and to tell us whether you and other visitors have navigated to the site previously. If you have provided your name or other contact information to Alchemer via a web form, we are able to tie that information back to a browser cookie.

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This policy applies to all websites and domains managed by Alchemer, including, but not limited to:

  • alchemer.com
  • alchemer.eu
  • alchemer-ca.com
  • surveygizmo.com
  • surveygizmo.eu
  • sgizmo.com

First and Third-Party Cookies

First-party cookies are cookies set by the domain for the site being visited while third-party cookies are set by an entirely different domain. Alchemer makes use of both first and third-party cookies in our environment.

Types of Cookies                                     

Cookies can be classified based on their purpose. Alchemer may employ the use of the following cookie types to provide service to our customers and gather usages information and statistic to better drive the design and features of our application and websites:

  • Strictly necessary cookies – cookies essential for user to browse website and use features. These are generally first-party session cookies that expire when a user navigates away from the web page or logs out of a session.
  • Functionality cookies – these are preferences cookies which allow a website to remember choices you have made in the past and apply the same settings when you visit the site again.
  • Statistics cookies – aggregate information on how people use a website. For example, tracking what pages were visited, links that were followed, etc.
  • Marketing cookies – Marketing cookies track online activities and are used by other organizations and advertisers to tailor ads and other marketing materials to the user.

Cookies Used by Alchemer

Alchemer’s use of cookies is continually evolving. This list of cookies is only assumed to be accurate at the date of publication for this document. The specific cookies set on a browser may differ depending on the Alchemer subdomains visited and your individual browser settings:

Cookie Name & (Duration)

_hssc (30 minutes)

_hssrc (Expires at end of session)

_hstc (13 months)

_ga_gtag (60 seconds)

_ga (2 years)

_gcl_au (90 days)

_gid (24 hours)

hubspotutk (13 months)

cookie_accept (1 year)

Purpose & Data Contained

Used to track number of sessions

Determines if user has restarted browser

Tracks website visit

Google Analytics

Used to distinguish users

Google AdSense

Used to distinguish users

Tracks visitor’s identity

Tracks if browser has accepted cookies

Who Sets Cookie










You may also elect to change the settings on your browser to prevent new cookies from being set, or to notify you when a new cookie is set. Blocking all cookies may impact your experience and ability to take advantage of all Alchemer software features.

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