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Today, individual departments within organizations often purchase their own data collection and feedback tools, typically without involving their Information Security, IT, or Procurement teams. As a result, not only are companies spending more than they should, but they are also creating data silos and serious data governance risks.

Standardizing on a central feedback platform empowers employees to collect the feedback they need while providing IT and InfoSec with necessary security guardrails. With Alchemer, you will enforce data governance, manage costs, and make your users, IT, InfoSec, and Procurement successful.

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Why Standardize?

Using customer experience measurement data to improve marketing teams

Manage costs. Ensure data governance.

Standardizing on Alchemer saves 20-30% in most cases. Plus, Alchemer provides data privacy and security with centralized IT guardrails. This allows your IT team to apply corporate data policies while giving employees the freedom to gather the data they need. 

Using customer experience measurement data to improve sales team processes

Make your users happy. Fast.

According to users on G2.com, Alchemer has the highest user adoption and is the most implementable solution. Users love our flexible and intuitive platform. Most can field their first survey within a week – many in the first 24 hours. IT loves us because there’s no complex implementation.  

Improving professional services with customer experience data

Alchemer in action.   

An international parent travel company standardized on Alchemer across multiple brands. They were able to enforce data privacy policies centrally, their users loved the platform, and they saved 30% in licensing and other fees.

After standardizing on Alchemer, Mozilla, creators of the Firefox Web Browser, removed PII from millions of surveys with just one bit of code. Because the data is all in the same place, applying corporate data security is also easier. 

Provide better account management with customer experience surveys

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Find everything you need to build a business case for standardizing on one survey platform and why it won’t cost your users the flexibility they desire. 

Rated the Best

Alchemer offers nearly twice as many question types as SurveyMonkey and Qualtrics. In addition, Alchemer beats SurveyMonkey and Qualtrics in Implementation, User Adoption, and Time to Go Live. Alchemer also won Expert’s Choice, Supreme Software, and Great User Experience from FinancesOnline.

Standardize, Save, Gain Control, and Create Happy Users

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