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Alchemer Online Market Research Surveys give you all the market research insights you need. Faster. With no hidden costs.

Getting better feedback is a combination of asking the right questions and collecting enough feedback to make your finding statistically valid. But that’s hard to do when your survey research software makes you pay for each response. And even harder when you can’t ask the questions you really want.

With Alchemer’s online market research survey you can perform Advanced Logic, Max/Diff, Segmentation, and Conjoint analysis. Plus, you can easily integrate your feedback into business intelligence tools and other business solutions.

Alchemer market research survey software and enterprise feedback software was voted the easiest to deploy by G2 again for the summer of 2020. Alchemer also scored 37% speedier time to go-live than the industry average with a 34% higher adoption rate according to And, there are no surprise costs when you collect more survey responses than expected.

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Market research survey question types

40+ Built-In Question Types

Collect exactly the data you need with customizable market research question types from multiple choice to Likert Scales.

Sophisticated market research surveys with if/than and skip logic

Branching & Skip Logic

Show only the questions and pages that matter to your respondents with easy to design advanced logic.

Market research survey without question or response limitations

Unlimited Questions & Responses

Ask as many questions as you want to as many people as you need. No hidden fees or additional charges. Just data.

Get quality survey respondents for your custom survey

Advanced Reporting Tools

Create and customize advanced reports like TURF, cross tabs, and comparison faster than ever before.

Use a more cost-effective survey research software solution when you engage with your customers. Ask all the questions you need with a more intuitive platform. Achieve all these when you call us at 1-800-609-6480 or when you visit our Contact page. We can even give you a free trial.

Work faster and smarter with Alchemer

Alchemer market research survey software delivers easy-to-use features that allow you to fine-tune your market research surveys, automate processes, trigger workflows, and get your work done faster with more accuracy.

You get:

  • Advanced Survey Logic – including question logic, page logic, and skip logic, as well as quotas and disqualifications.
  • Built-in Actions – including the ability to automatically send an email triggered by respondent behavior; you can also push/pull data to and from outside platforms.
  • Easy Integrations – with third-party software like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Tableau, and Google Sheets, as well as the option to create custom integrations with tools you already use.
  • Complete Brand Control – including branded URLs and domains as well as custom themes and styling.
Advanced market research reporting tools

Advanced market research reporting tools with advanced reporting for in-depth market insights

Your market research survey results are meant to drive real decisions and change for your company and your clients. Alchemer’s built-in market research analysis tools and reporting tools include:

  • TURF – Stands for Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency. These reports give you a glimpse of the market potential.
  • Cross Tabulation – Data is compared cell by cell for accuracy.
  • Data Visualizations – Question types can be customized using charts and other visual options.
  • Fall Off Reporting – Respondent problems are reviewed for issues like survey abandonment.
  • Segmentation – Responses are compared using various criteria to see if there are correlations or causations in the data.
  • Filtering – Quickly filter through the data using parameters that enable you to highlight the most relevant information based on your question.

Alchemer also makes it easy to export raw data to multiple file types, including SPSS, Excel, and CSV.

It’s your data, just the way you want it.

Survey solutions for every step of the market research process

Alchemer does more than just one type of data collection. In fact, the software is flexible enough to address all of your market research and customer research needs, including:

  • Awareness
  • Attitudes and Perception
  • New Product Research
  • Market and Customer Profiling
  • Customer Retention

And we have customers doing much more with it.

Get the Answers You Need

Alchemer’s online market research survey will give you access to the information you need. By choosing us, you’re using the more cost-effective and intuitive option when gathering feedback from your customers. Call us at 1-800-609-6480 or access our Contact page to get a free trial.

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