Alchemer Healthcare Experience Solution

Collect, analyze, and gain actionable insights to lead in the new era of healthcare.

Alchemer arms you with the data to build a patient-driven and profitable organization while making it easy for you to keep HIPAA compliant.

With Alchemer, you can collect feedback across your continuum of care. You can measure patient satisfaction, benchmark services and providers, and keep your finger on the pulse of your employee engagement. You can even measure audience attitudes and interactions with your organization.

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Deliver value at every touch point.

Patient Experience

  • Pre-visit
  • Check-in
  • Receiving Care
  • Billing
  • Care Follow-up
  • Between Visits

Engage with patients throughout their journey to understand their perspectives, needs, and expectations.

  • Collect critical feedback data that can be used to improve appointment scheduling, patient check-in, and other critical processes.
  • Analyze patient experience data and filter results by individual patients or patient population segments to identify patterns.
  • Gather and aggregate patient rating scores for doctors, nurses, or other providers on anything from timeliness to bedside manner.

Employee Experience

  • Recruiting/ Acquistion/Selection
  • Onboarding/ New Hire/Training
  • Ongoing Learning & Development
  • Culture & Inclusion
  • Retention

Attract and retain top talent by measuring and enhancing every stage of the employee lifecycle

  • Gain actionable insights about what makes employees happy, motivated, and fulfilled in order to craft an alluring and mutually beneficial workforce culture.
  • Increase employee retention rates by using data insights to align the experience with their expectations.
  • Distribute pulse surveys and gather decision-making data in times of change to ensure a consistently excellent employee experience.

Brand Experience

  • Awareness
  • Intent
  • Consideration
  • Purchase
  • Advocacy
  • Retention

Effectively communicate your value proposition and become the provider of choice in your market by collecting actionable market, industry, and brand data.

  • Understand how consumers experience your brand, and develop an aligned marketing strategy from the data analysis.
  • Stay one step ahead of industry trends so you can proactively pivot brand messaging and remain relevant to your consumers.
  • Evaluate the brand, build its personality, and establish a loyal community.
Collect patient survey & healthcare experience data

Holistic Data Collection

Collect the right data at the right time by asking the right questions with over 40 question types from which to choose.

Create HIPAA compliant surveys

Data Security*

Ensure all patient, employee, and brand data is always protected with our extensive security measures and privacy protocols.


Brand Design

Customize surveys, reports, and the in-app experience to match your brand guidelines, including colors, fonts, and logos.

Patient satisfaction survey templates

Ready-to-Use Templates

Get started quickly with preloaded, customizable survey and InsightCanvas templates, built specifically for healthcare organizations like yours.

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