Getting Company Feedback that Matters

Gathering company feedback, employee feedback, and conducting reviews are just a few of the ways that HR can monitor the pulse of the company. With Alchemer, you can get the responses you need, regardless of the solution you choose and integrate the results into your HR systems automatically.

More Than One Way

While most HR professionals and managers have their favorite or most trusted survey or review type, there are so many ways measure an employee’s performance, or the performance of the company in providing for its employees.

The flexibility of Alchemer allows you to capture the company feedback you need, even if you have to create your own, unique way of doing it.

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Anonymous Surveys

Get honest feedback

With employee feedback surveys, one of the biggest challenges is getting honest feedback. Often, employees are afraid that negative reviews might come back to haunt them. Providing anonymous surveys allow employees to provide the feedback you need while protecting their identity.

This is particularly crucial when you are collecting information about areas where laws dictate that privacy is maintained.

Setting a survey to anonymous does not mean that people can take the survey as many times as they want. You have the control you need, but the survey won’t provide any identifying information, including Geodata, IP address, and email invite data.

360 Reviews

Get the full picture

Most employees are familiar with the typical annual or semi-annual reviews with just their manager or supervisor. These reviews only involve the employee receiving feedback from their boss.

While those reviews are important, they can miss a lot of the value that an employee provides to the organization. They also rarely provide feedback that leads to the professional development of the employee. Typically, a standard job review focuses on the employee’s level of success in performing their current job duties and not much more.

360 reviews help people develop business and interpersonal skills by identifying a starting point for developing new skills; measuring progress; and identifying any personal behavioral blind spots or the total impact an employee has on an organization.

While a standard review is about the job an employee is doing, a 360 review is about the employee themselves. That makes it very personal and very powerful.


Pulse Surveys

Get a quick pulse

Pulse Surveys are a fast way to gather ongoing feedback from employees without surveying them to death. By asking a few questions that are fast to answer on a regular basis, you can see how the company is doing, track goals, and get insight into strategies and big changes.

The key to success with Pulse surveys is to keep the questions and answers short, with no more than one open-ended (essay) question. When employees come to expect a survey on a regular basis, they are more likely to participate. This also gives you better trending data.

Automating Responses

Get back to people fast

The biggest problem survey builders face today is survey fatigue. We are asked to complete a survey for each product we buy, each delivery, any service order, every appointment, and even how we like a website.

The fatigue sets in because we don’t see any action on the survey data. Nobody gets back to us if we complain or praise. Alchemer has a feature called Send Mail that lets you automate notifications such as low scores or questions so that a real person can respond.

Imagine how an upset employee would feel if somebody on your team reached out to talk about why they’re upset. People would quickly realize that their feedback does matter.