Smoke & Mirrors: Why Customer Experience Perceptions vs. Reality Differ

Integrate The Voice Of The Customer Into Organizational Processes To Drive Success

The voice of the customer (VoC) is critical to how organizations function, yet many are not acting appropriately on what they hear.

Put yourself in your customer’s position: have you ever shared negative experience feedback with a brand? Did you notice a change in the product or service from that brand going forward, or were you thanked for your time and that was that?

Too often, it’s the latter – and is likely the experience your customers have with your own VoC initiatives. This is not by any malicious fault of your brand, or the ones you’ve interacted with. Rather, we see that organizations largely lack the appropriate processes and execution capabilities to act on that feedback they receive, and become frustrated when nothing changes even after rolling out their carefully thought out VoC plans.

Read the report completed by Forrester on the current state of Customer Experience and Voice of Customer programs in todays enterprises.

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