Raise Your Employee Engagement for Fun and Profit

A Gallup survey* found that engaged employees deliver greater productivity, a 10% increase in customer satisfaction, and a 20% increase in sales.  

Using Alchemer, Four Winds Interactive boosted their Employee Net Promoter Score (a way to measure employee happiness and engagement) tenfold – taking it well above the industry average. Now you can too, with the Alchemer Employee Connection Pulse survey, which is free for customers using Collaborator, Professional, or Full-Access solutions.

Alchemer Helps You Find, Get, and Keep Your Best Employees

Only Alchemer offers the flexibility and security to work with your existing systems while keeping your employees’ private information private. So you can input feedback directly into your current HR solutions, or create reports in Alchemer that you can share with executives and the entire company.

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Deliver a Better Employee Experience

In addition to keeping your finger on the pulse of your employees, you can also use Alchemer to create the employee experience you have always wanted to deliver. The Alchemer Employee Experience Solution is a turnkey solution that lets you increase engagement and improve your people’s experience without adding to the HR workload.

It features five pre-configured, customizable employee experience surveys to capture feedback at various stages of the employee lifecycle. This lets you quickly respond to employee needs as well as pinpoint the areas of change that have the greatest impact on overall engagement.

Create an Employee Portal to Simplify Life

The solution also features a one-of-a-kind Employee Portal, a centralized hub that standardizes processes, makes it easier to field common HR-related requests, and can integrate with the HR tools you already use. Employees can quickly submit requests, and HR teams have an automated process to track and implement them. Customizable workflows with case management also ensure requests are automatically routed to the appropriate person for review and approvals.

*Gallup, Workplace, April 2017 

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