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Transform Your Business Based on Your Customers’ Input

We believe that the key to creating a memorable and enjoyable Customer Experience (CX) is two-fold. First, put the customer at the center of everything you do and every decision you make. Second, respond to customers right away. Alchemer has the flexibility and integrations to make both possible without changing the systems you already use or the way your people work.

With Alchemer, you can add actions to your customer satisfaction or customer experience surveys, even to specific questions, that make it easy to respond quickly while treating them as people. In real-time. While they’re still experiencing what it was that caused them to provide feedback. You respond to all of the feedback you receive right away, so customers feel heard and feel appreciated.

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CX Is No Longer Limited to CX

In the fall of 2019, Alchemer expanded its CX program to include departments outside Customer Success. When we connected Sales and Engineering directly into the process, we saw some dramatic changes. It took a concerted effort from the whole company – with Customer Support, Sales, and Engineering leading the way. 

Customers taking an enterprise-wide approach to becoming more customer-centric have seen: 

  • A 15% increase in Net Promoter Score (NPS) 
  • A 3% reduction in churn 
  • A 60% reduction in the number of perceived bugs reported by customers

Customer Experience Management Solution

Having great customer experience time and again, can — and should — be a leading differentiator for your company.

But great CX takes time, energy, persistence, and a corporate commitment to putting the customer at the center of everything you do. Learn how Alchemer customer experience software can help you consistently hear what customers are telling you so you can create an experience that meets and exceeds their expectations. 

Get ahead of the competition with the way you interact with and listen to your customers. With the help of our customer experience management solutions, your business will get the insights you need and be able to implement the changes they introduce. Learn more with a free trial when you call us at 1-800-609-6480 or when you fill out the form on our Contact page.

The Holistic Customer Experience

Measuring customer experience across the customer journey

Measuring customer experience across the customer journey 

From a visitor’s very first point of interaction through becoming a customer and staying and growing with you, your company needs to deliver an exceptional holistic customer experience. It’s no longer a luxury — it’s a necessity. 

Alchemer can help you map your customer journey and break it down into segments to provide greater focus and clarity. Our online customer experience management solution can show you where the biggest improvements in your customer experience program can be made to provide the greatest benefits to your bottom line. 

Customer Experience Segments

Using customer experience measurement data to improve marketing teams


Do you know what your customers what to learn about? What problems they are trying to solve? Do your website and marketing materials help them see how you can solve their problems? Marketing teams need to make sure they know what their prospects are trying to solve, where to find them, and how to provide them with the right information at the right time. Alchemer customer experience measurement tools allow you to measure intercept people on web pages and ask them pointed questions, so you can learn what you need to know from the people actually looking for answers. 

Using customer experience measurement data to improve sales team processes


Once a lead gets to your sales team, it’s time to collect as much information as possible about the prospect – what they want to solve for, how big is their team, how big is their budget? Sales teams need to know about the customer to deliver a highly personalized sales experience. Alchemer lets you collect information and integrate it into your CRM easily, so your sales team is always dealing with a customer they know, even if the rep is new to the account.  

Improving professional services with customer experience data

Implementation/Professional Services

A seamless implementation or project execution is key to keeping the promises made during the sales process. Collecting the information you need upfront is key to creating an accurate estimate and setting expectations. Alchemer enables you to quickly collect the information you need, without taxing the customer. Set and met expectations are the best way to create happy customers.  

Provide better account management with customer experience surveys

Account Management

One of the hardest parts of the sales process is the hand-off from business development to account management. Collecting and integrating every detail into the account database in your CRM is critical. It makes the customer feel as though the team has done their homework and values them as a customer. This process is even more crucial when an account manager leaves, and somebody has to pick up the account. And if your customer contact departs, it’s good to have already collected the next person to be your contact. Alchemer can help you collect that information all at once or over time and update the customer profile. 

Customer experience measurement surveys help improve customer service and increase revenue

Customer Service

The customer experience usually involves customer service because most people only call when they’re having challenges. Asking people how they feel after you have taken their question or answered their problem, and then addressing their feedback right away can make a huge difference between keeping a customer and having them not renew or buy again. Alchemer can track and collect data on all elements of each service interaction and integrate with other enterprise systems to allow quick action to be taken.

Unique Capabilities of Alchemer

Integrate CX data with other business information systems

Deep Integration

Alchemer can integrate with other enterprise systems, like your CRM. This means you get to determine how your Alchemer data is used in other areas of your technology stack. 

Data visualization for customer experience measurement

Data Visualization

The reporting capabilities in Alchemer make it easy to understand and share your findings with other stakeholders, using customizable and flexible reporting options, plus a powerful, real-time analytics dashboard. 

Create custom workflows based on CX data

Custom Workflows

Take action on customer experience data insights quickly by setting up custom workflows so data collected about any customer experience segment can be routed and addressed by designated individuals and teams instantly. 

Let Alchemer Optimize Your CX Process 

Being able to collect, analyze, and make decisions based on real-time, high-quality data gives your product management, development, and marketing teams the information they need to create and deliver an experience your customers will love. Start building your organization around your customers by learning more about how Alchemer will revolutionize your CX process.