How to Reduce Costs, Improve Data Governance, and Provide More Freedom

Consolidating on Alchemer enables you to reduce costs, improve data governance, and give your users the freedom they desire.

Reduce Costs
Consolidating on Alchemer can dramatically reduce your costs while giving you access to higher levels of customer success features. For example, one customer consolidated licenses from several different vendors (and several different small installations within different groups) and saved 30% while adding more seats and improving support. According to G2, Alchemer customers see their ROI 14% faster than the industry average.

Centralize Data Governance
Standardizing and consolidating on Alchemer allows you to apply the IT guardrails you need enterprise-wide. You create commonality among survey responses to which you can apply compliance and control centrally – even using scripts to minimize people resources.

Create Happy Users
One of the largest online travel sites decided to standardize on Alchemer. Rather than creating armies of disgruntled users, the consolidation led to even more happy users. This is because, according to G2, Alchemer is the most implementable survey software, with the fastest time to go live (60% faster than the industry average ), and the highest user adoption (31% higher than the industry average).

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Apply Security Centrally

When you consolidate your survey software on Alchemer, you can apply security standards enterprise-wide, giving you the control you need without extra work.
Security standards include:
✓ Team-based permissions
✓ Role-based permissions
✓ Single Sign-on (SSO) via SAML 2.0
✓ Multifactor Authentication (MFA) with TOTP or SMS
✓ Row-level data encryption
✓ Configurable restrictions in multi-user accounts
✓ API access permission controls
✓ Account-password restrictions

Improve Compliance

Standardizing on Alchemer creates a standard pool for responses that makes it easier to maintain compliance enterprise-wide.
✓ EU-US Privacy Shield

Keep Users Happy

All the security and IT guardrails only work if your users accept and use the software or solution you standardize on. According to G2, Alchemer leads all survey software and enterprise feedback management solutions with 71% adoption rate (which is more than 31% higher than the industry average). Read more.

“To Ensure Data Security and Compliance”

“Alchemer allows companies and organisations to gain insight to existing and proposed products in order to gain consumer perceptions. Also, in Technology, it is used for employees to share feedback on daily use of technology. The collected feedback can be analysed immediately and thus, integrated into the existing data pool to ensure data security and compliance.”
G2 Reviewer in Financial Services at a company with 10,001+ employees