Save Up to 38% and Discover Great Feedback Add-Ons by Switching to Annual

You Could
Saving money is more important than ever right now. That’s why we’re reminding you that you can save between 29% and 38% on your Alchemer subscription, simply by upgrading to an annual subscription. That’s between $120 and $1,080 a year on each license.
Here’s what you could save on each license:
• Collaborator – Save $120 (29%) per year
• Professional – Save $600 (37%) per year
• Full-Access – Save $1,080 (38%) per year  

Make the Switch to Annual Now

Make the switch to an annual subscription and you can purchase some of our powerful add-ons. These are options that aren’t available to monthly subscribers but are available with annual subscriptions.

Add-ons Available Only to Annual Subscribers include:
• Panel Services
• SMS Distribution
• Website Intercepts
• Video Feedback questions
• Integrations with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Tableau, Power BI, HubSpot, MailChimp
• Additional domains, Single Sign On (SSO) and more

These add-ons give you more power to collect the best feedback and then integrate into your systems so that it drives business decisions in real time.

Discover All Our Add-Ons

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Everything You Love, Just Up To 38% Cheaper

You still get access to all the features you already enjoy with Alchemer. Including access to 23 free classes (and that number keeps growing) – and if you didn’t know about Alchemer University, check it out inside the app.

To help your company during this time of elastic workforces and uncertainty, you have access to our Employee Connection Pulse survey so that you can check in on everybody while they’re working remotely. And when people start going back to work, the Return-to-Work Assessment helps protect everybody by asking employees to self-evaluate daily before coming to the office. You’ll find both in the Templates section when you start a new survey.

Make the Switch to Annual Now