Create Products Of The Customer, By The Customer, And For The Customer

Product feedback management is no longer about just getting a response to your prototypes or beta releases. It’s about bringing the customer to the core of the product lifecycle, hearing what they need and want, and then building the right solution for their problem.

This new approach to customer-centricity requires you to actively leverage your product feedback software to put your customers at the center of your product management, product marketing, and customer feedback teams. Showing customers that their feedback matters is the only way to encourage them to provide more insights necessary to develop new products they want and need; to continuously improve your products; to increase adoption; and to drive sales.

With Alchemer, you can also build a customer advisory panel from customers who offer feedback simply by asking if they’d like to be part of it. Now you have a group of fans who are ready and willing to validate new products and features before you invest in development.

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Master the Product Lifecycle

Product Feedback Lifecycle

Alchemer product feedback management allows your team to collect, analyze, and act on product feedback to continuously improve your products and delight customers. There is an immediate component, where you let customers know instantly that they have been heard, and a collective component, where you look at larger trends.

With the Alchemer online feedback system, you can take complex and disorderly feedback processes, clean them, structure them, and automate them to allow you to better react to product feedback. This process also puts you one step closer to your customers, while keeping you one step ahead of your competition.

Product Feedback Lifecycle

Product Feedback Management Lifecycle - Product Research

Product Research

When a new product idea has been conceived, validating the concept is crucial to knowing whether to fully invest in building the product. Creating feedback panels using customers who have previously provided feedback allows you to collect input for enhancements and new features. Customers who are launching entirely new products or entering new markets can leverage Alchemer customized panels to gather insights from respondents they’ve never reached out to before. This can ensure the success of new products and market entries.

Product Feedback Management Lifecycle - Product Development

Product Development

Once a new product or feature is approved, leadership needs to know where development milestones stand and what’s on and off schedule. Alchemer allows you to create new workflows that power dashboards showing development progress so you can make changes as required.

Product Feedback Management Lifecycle - Product Testing

Product Testing

Once your customer-driven product is out of development and ready to test, Alchemer handles data collection from beta testing activities. Collecting quantitative and qualitative feedback on what customers are embracing and where improvements can be made, greatly improves the likelihood of market adoption.

Product Feedback Management Lifecycle - Product Launch and Improvement

Product Launch and Improvement

When your product is launched, you will want to know if people are using and adopting it, and if they are taking advantage of the changes and enhancements. Alchemer allows you to capture product feedback from customers and react to it in real-time. Responding to individual responses while also quantifying large volumes of feedback data, even from multiple sources, creates product insights that will help you better delight your customers.

Product Feedback Management Lifecycle - Strategic Product Plans

Strategic Product Plans

As with any business decision, quantitative data should be combined with qualitative data to determine the best strategic direction. Alchemer’s powerful data collection, integration, and action capabilities let you bring your customers into the strategic planning process, helping you create more informed product roadmaps and plans.

Unique Capabilities of Alchemer

Integrate product feedback data with data from other sources

Deep Integration

Alchemer has the unique ability to integrate with other systems used by your organization. This means that other data sources can be easily combined to help drive your strategic product decisions.

Data visualization for product feedback and product research

Data Visualization

The Alchemer reporting capabilities make it easy to understand and share your findings with other stakeholders using customizable and flexible reporting options and a powerful, real-time analytics dashboard.

Data visualization for product feedback and product research


Alchemer allows all data that comes in to be routed and analyzed by designated individuals and teams to set up a customized workflow that allows you to take action on data insights quickly.

Let Alchemer Optimize Your Product Feedback Process

Being able to collect, analyze, and make decisions based on real-time, high-quality data gives your product management, development, and marketing teams the information they need to create and deliver products your customers will use and love. Start integrating your customers deeper into your product mix by learning more about how Alchemer will revolutionize your product feedback management process.