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The Alchemer Risk Assessment Solution provides information security teams with flexible and automated processes for conducting vendor and enterprise risk assessments. Designed for small and mid-sized companies, the Alchemer Risk Assessment Solution gives InfoSec teams more time for managing and mitigating risks rather than manually identifying and validating risks. The solution includes a complete suite of pre-configured surveys, workflows, and risk reports, so information security can focus on acting on their data, rather than collecting it.  

The Alchemer Risk Assessment Solution gives you both: 
Vendor Risk Assessments – Read below how to slash weeks off the process 
Enterprise Risk Assessments – Read below how to make this process faster 

The Alchemer Risk Assessment Solution works with the systems you already use, to operationalize risk feedback across your entire organization. We do this by eliminating manual processes with workflows, configuring questions by vendor type or by risk owner, and simplifying the means of assigning raw and residual risk ratings. All of which builds a stronger information security program because manually collecting risks is no longer a problem.

To learn more about the out-of-the-box Alchemer Risk Assessment Solution download the solution sheet, call 1-800-609-6480, or email your account manager or our sales team today.

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Managing vendor security assessments are time-consuming and cumbersome. And information security professionals can easily miss the important input feedback. See how our new Risk Assessment Solution automates this manual process so assessments can be distributed, reviewed, and managed in hours instead of days.
We interview Desiree Robinson, Director of Information Security and Compliance for Alchemer about how the Risk Assessment Solution helps her.

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Vendor Risk Assessments

Without the Alchemer Risk Assessment Solution, most InfoSec teams typically send out a standard vendor risk assessment questionnaire that accounts for every possibility – on-site software, desktop software, SaaS (Software as a Solution), e-commerce, and cloud-based computing and storage. Then, once the spreadsheet is returned, the InfoSec team must spend time going back and forth with the vendor getting clarification on the answers, as well as figuring out what they need and don’t need (since it’s a generic assessment) before analyzing the assessment to create a risk rating.

This takes days or (more often) weeks. In the meantime, the team that requested the new software or vendor gets impatient.

With the Alchemer Risk Assessment Solution, your InfoSec team selects the type of vendor, automatically adjusting the questions and default risk level, and sends a link to the assessment. The vendor can assign specific sections of the assessment to be completed by different team members within their organization, and attach copies of requested policies. When the assessment is complete, your InfoSec team is notified, the raw scores are compiled automatically, and any raw score can be adjusted 

For Vendor Risk Assessments, the Alchemer Risk Assessment Solution includes:   
• Pre-configured vendor risk questions customized by vendor type (not a one-size-fits-all Vendor Risk Assessment) 
• An auditable trail of both raw risk and residual risk ratings per vendor
• An internal vendor request, so that your employees can submit their initial request to work with a new vendor 
• An Enterprise Risk Assessment that supports two tiers of respondents
• Secure GDPR and CCPA-compliant data
• A complete enterprise risk assessment solution, too

The Alchemer Risk Assessment Solution can trim days and even weeks of time that the InfoSec team would spend wading through spreadsheets and on phone calls for a single vendor risk assessment. To learn more, download the solution sheet, call 1-800-609-6480, or email your account manager or our sales team today.  

Three Ways You Save Time

Alchemer Internal Vendor Request screenshot example

Know What You Need Up Front 

The Internal Vendor Request Assessment lets your employees tell your InfoSec team know what kind of vendor needs to be evaluated, so you don’t have to guess. 

Example image of vendor risk assessment form

Collect Only the Information You Need 

Don’t waste time asking for and then sorting through information you need. Get the right feedback faster. 

Alchemer Vendor Assessment Report screenshot example

Compile and Report Results Automatically 

Don’t wade through spreadsheets and questionnaires looking for answers that you have to transcribe. Let Alchemer do the work for you. 

Enterprise Risk Assessments

While most companies only perform a comprehensive enterprise risk assessment once a year, your enterprise risk assessment should be an ongoing and continuous process. With the Alchemer Risk Assessment Solution, you get both vendor and enterprise risk assessments. 

The Alchemer Risk Assessment Solution makes it easy to survey both internal risk owners and risk managers on your identified risk types, allowing them to assign risk ratings. You can assign each level of risk owner certain sections to complete, without sending the entire form. 

For Enterprise Risk Assessments, the Alchemer Risk Assessment Solution includes:   

• A bottom-up view of your company’s risks by department and area  
• An Enterprise Risk Assessment that supports two tiers of respondents  
• Pre-configured enterprise risk questions that can be assigned to specific risk owners  
• Secure, GDPR and CCPA-compliant data  
• A complete vendor risk assessment solution, too  

With pre-configured surveys, workflows, reports – and up to 10 hours of onboarding coaching from our Professional Services team – you’ll have everything needed to build a better risk-assessment program in just 30 days. Your team can focus on being proactive, effectively managing, and mitigating risks to propel your business.  

For more information on how the Alchemer Risk Assessment Solution can save you time and help you build a strong InfoSec process, download the solution sheet, call 1-800-609-6480, or email your account manager or our sales team today. 

Build a Stronger InfoSec Process

Enterprise Risk Assessment example form

Bottom-Up Enterprise Risk Assessments 

Select who fills out sections so you get the most accurate data from the people dealing with it every day. Top-down assessments limit visibility and accountability of risk management at all levels of the organization. 

Alchemer Enterprise Risk Assessment Report screenshot example

Assess Risk Across Multiple Levels of the Business

Add more depth by surveying both risk owners and risk managers across departments, so multiple risk owners and managers rank risks for the same categories. 

Example of risk assessment report

Focus on Risk Management 

The Alchemer Risk Assessment Solution frees InfoSec teams to focus on managing and mitigating risk, rather than collecting data 

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