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Choose the best enterprise feedback platform for your organization’s  customer and employee feedback programs. Check out this comparison and learn why the Alchemer platform is the fastest, easiest, most-effective way to close the feedback loop with your customers.

“If you are considering SurveyMonkey, try Alchemer as well. It has better features than many other survey tools and is also less expensive.”

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Alchemer VS SurveyMonkey

Question Types


Quality of Support


About the data

The data provided in this comparison report comes from G2, a leading peer-to-peer review platform that allows users to compare the best business software and services based on user ratings and social data. These reports were compiled using G2 Compare Reports, a feature that allows side-by-side comparison of up to four competing products based on satisfaction ratings, highlighting the leading product for each metric.

Predictable Pricing

Unpredictable Pricing


Top consideration 1: Pricing Model

Alchemer has predictable pricing, not limited by the number of responses collected. SurveyMonkey operates on per-response pricing, beginning at 10,000 responses (+$0.80 overage/response), plus they limit the number of responses per month or year (plan dependent) starting at 10,000 responses.

SurveyMonkey pricing can be unpredictable, with many customers reporting “surprise bills” due to exceeding their limit on responses.

Top consideration 2: Question Types

Alchemer offers 43 question types, more than twice as many as SurveyMonkey. Plus, SurveyMonkey has significant functional gaps with no advanced, enterprise functionality.

Different Question Types
Different Question Types


24/7 Email Support

Limited Support


Top consideration 3: Support

SurveyMonkey has very limited availability for those seeking direct assistance – they offer limited phone support to only select customers.

Alchemer offers 24/7 email support, plus phone and chat support during regular business hours.

Why Alchemer?

There are more options available to you than just SurveyMonkey. Step up to Alchemer, with 43 question types, many more advanced features, and plenty of support, at a price you can trust.

Alchemer is fast, flexible, secure, and easy. That’s what G2 reviewers believe.

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