Market Research

Survey software that drives informed decisions

How it Works

Transform data into strategic action

Effortlessly collect, analyze, and deliver actionable guidance—at any scale.

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Launch projects in hours, not weeks

Quickly launch surveys without lengthy, painful implementation.

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Get more value, with no hidden costs

Predictable pricing means unlimited surveys, questions, and reports, and no pay-per response.


Configure design
and delivery

Craft powerful surveys with advanced question types and custom logic.


Deliver meaningful results, faster

View powerful insights right in Alchemer—or analyze your data in the tools you already use.


Customize and launch precise surveys

Create surveys with powerful logic, diverse question types, and advanced customization options, right out of the box. Or build surveys to your exact needs with custom scripting.

    • Get better answers with 40+ question types
      Gather actionable data with everything from Likert Scales to Conjoint, MaxDiff, and more.
    • Tailor surveys with advanced logic
      Get more complete responses and collect better data with advanced features like answer piping, branching and skip logic, quotas, and disqualifications.
    • Reach your audience where they are
      Send surveys through email, web, and SMS, and find the right panel audience, anywhere in the world.
    • Customize any part of the survey experience
      Leverage custom scripting and the Alchemer API to customize any aspect of survey design and delivery

Deliver insights that drive results

    • Gather quick insights with out-of-the-box reporting
    • Create and customize advanced reports like TURF, cross tabs, and comparison faster than ever before
    • Export data directly to SPSS and Excel for deeper analysis.

Work smarter and faster—not harder

Alchemer is built for the needs of market researchers and strategists, so you can spend less time on administrative work, and deliver results faster.

    • Easily share findings with clients
      Create unlimited reports tailored to each stakeholder—and share secure results that update in real-time.
    • Work with your existing tech stack
      Integrate with third-party software like Tableau, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and Google Sheets, and create custom integrations with tools you already use.
    • Design the perfect experience for your needs
      Get complete brand control with branded URLs and domains, custom themes and styling, and more.
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Reach your target audience, with guaranteed data quality

Our full-service experts will help you find the right audience and optimize survey design to capture the data you need—anywhere in the world.

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