Don’t Let Social Distancing Create Employee Distancing

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None of us have ever dealt with a pandemic like this. We’re all adapting to a constantly changing business and health environment. We have employees and team members staying and working from home. And now, or soon, we have people returning to work. This brings risks and rewards.

Protect your business and take care of your people with two surveys that are free when you upgrade to a paid subscription.

The Employee Connection Pulse Survey helps you check on employees as often as you want, at no extra cost. You can see what people need, who could use some more support, and how well you’re communicating during these difficult times.

The Return to Work Assessment holds your employees accountable for their health every day before they come to work. If anybody is at risk, the assessment advises them to stay home and sends you a notice. It’s a fast and easy way to protect your business and people.

Both are available at no extra charge when you upgrade to a paid subscription. You’ll also find other free templates that you can use throughout your business. And subscribers get free classes on building surveys and administering accounts.

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