When your research team needs more hands, more expertise, more analysis, more responses,
our team delivers

We provide trusted market research expertise that will turn you into the expert—so you can deliver more value, faster.

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Get flexible support that’s perfectly tailored to your needs

Whether you’re looking for end-to-end project management or you need to offload individual research tasks, we offer flexible support that will help you deliver great research and great results.

  • Design and creation
  • Project fielding and panel services
  • Data processing
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Panel Services

Deliver more value from every research project

Unlike traditional market research and panel service agencies, every Research Solutions project is built in your Alchemer account. You own the project and the data, so you can adjust and revisit research on the fly—and get more value from every project.


Understand your market in unmatched detail

  • Market sizing & share of wallet
  • Market positioning
  • Market benchmarking
  • Market behaviour
  • Segmentation


Build brand awareness and inspire loyalty

  • Message testing
  • Audience understanding
  • Customer acquisition and lifecycle research
  • Brand sentiment


Launch products that land

  • Product testing
  • Naming
  • Pricing
  • Competitive intelligence

Turn research into results
in record time

We act as an extension of your team, so you can expand your market research capabilities and run research projects with the speed, scale, and specificity you need, no matter the niche.

  • Build and conduct research fast, so you can see results and make informed decisions even faster
  • See actionable results in real time with live reports
  • Easily make in-flight adjustments with full transparency into every project

Get answers to your toughest questions.

Deliver better outcomes
with better data

Trustworthy data, proprietary panel screening, and a quality guarantee means you can make informed decisions without worrying about the what-ifs.

  • Leverage decades of research experience to surface the insights that truly matter
  • Source exactly the right respondents, anywhere around the globe
  • Weed out fraud and bad data with rigorous quality checks

Connect with any audience, anywhere in the world

Our panel services give you access to more than 200 million respondents across the globe, so you can find and engage your specialised audience quickly and easily, and ensure your research meets your demographic needs.

Dial in the exact amount of support you need

Our team includes research experts, statisticians, sampling experts, project managers and more.

Design and build

From panel sourcing to incentive management, we can ensure you reach the right audience for your study.

Project fielding

From panel sourcing to incentive management, we can ensure you reach the right audience for your study.

Data processing

Let us handle the data weighting, coding, and scrubbing, so you can focus on strategy.

Custom Reporting

From executive summaries to strategic workshops, we’ll deliver actionable results to your doorstep.

Advanced analytics

Need MaxDiff, regression, conjoint analysis, or other advanced capabilities? We can handle it all.

Ready to get started?

More about Research Solutions​

Market research helps businesses or organisations understand what their customers care about through targeted data collection and analysis, enabling them to make smarter marketing, product, and operational decisions.

Market research can benefit businesses and organisations of any size, and can inform marketing and positioning strategy, product needs and feature prioritization, community and audience needs and policy development, and more.

On-demand market research can benefit you by handling all of the time and effort associated with running a market survey or market research project. On-demand market research services like Alchemer’s Research Solutions offer flexible assistance in designing, building, and delivering market research, survey, and customer feedback projects.

Alchemer’s Research Solutions are designed for marketing teams, product teams, CX and VOC teams, as well as in-house market research teams, who need support with market research and survey projects.

Alchemer’s Research Solutions offers on-demand market research services including survey design and build, research project fielding and management, survey data processing, custom survey reporting, and advanced survey analytics.

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