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Alchemer Business Labs are a series of strategic, guided workshops designed to address your specific business challenges. Nothing about these labs is cookie cutter. They’re custom-fit to your needs with a deep dive into the most relevant features, guidance on making your project a success, and a review to ensure you’ve got the skills and project foundation to get results.

The Process

Business Lab workshops include hand-picked video courses and documentation, private learning sessions with subject matter experts, and a tailored approach to learning the skills to achieve project success.

Three Types of Labs

Currently Alchemer offers three types of labs: Building Better Surveys Labs, Activating Feedback Labs, and Reporting Insights Labs. All are designed for customers who need to learn quickly, have high-priority projects, or would benefit from private or custom workshops.

Better Surveys Labs

The Building Better Surveys Labs focus on helping you build highly effective surveys and maximise your survey response rates. This lab is ideal for teams responsible for customer experience (CX), Voice of the Customer (VoC), and market/user research.

Activating Feedback Labs

The Activating Feedback Labs teach you how to automate feedback from forms and surveys. This lab is ideal for teams looking to close the loop with customers and respondents, automate manual or paper processes, or share feedback across departments.

Reporting Insights Labs

The Reporting Insights Labs help you uncover and share insights through reporting. This lab is designed for teams looking to measure CX programmes, tailor reports by stakeholders, perform market/user research, and drive better business decisions through research.

When to Get a Business Lab

• Can’t get the response rates or results
• Lack a good user experience
• Struggle to analyse data
• Frustrated by manual processes
• Can’t take timely action on feedback
• Have new team members
• Have a fast-moving project

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