Alchemer Workflow

The Fastest, Easiest, Most Effective Way to Act on Customer and Employee Feedback

Build Workflows and Automations to Close the Feedback Loop with Customers and Employees

Increase Adoption, Advocacy, Retention, and Growth

Alchemer Workflow is a no-code workflow feedback engine that builds on our survey heritage, giving you the fastest and easiest way to build customer-centric workflows.

The intuitive drag-and-drop interface enables you to build workflows that listen to events within your third-party enterprise software, such as Salesforce and Zendesk, as well as to survey responses, so you can create always-on surveys and automated workflows to take immediate and ongoing action on the feedback you collect.

With market-first Connected Surveys and Initiators, you can create always-on feedback conversations with your customers while you respond and deepen relationships.

“Typically, employee engagement is a once-a-year type of conversation. Alchemer Workflow can help us to transform that into more of an ongoing conversation.”

— Kyle Burnam, CEO of Infosurv Research


Automate feedback collection and power instant action across your business

Automatically trigger in-the-moment customer and employee surveys based on key events that drive your business—then close the loop with downstream actions that instantly push data into your existing software.

Sales / Sales Ops

Grow revenue with better customer insights, accelerate customer onboarding and adoption, and seamlessly transfer knowledge across teams.

Customer Service

Improve customer satisfaction with support requests, streamline case resolution and ticket management, and effortlessly close the customer feedback loop.

Human Resources

Build engaged, high-performing teams with continuous feedback collection that’s integrated into the entire employee lifecycle.

Built for your business

Put Alchemer to work with pre-built integrations that connect to the software you already use.

Who Is It For?

Alchemer Workflow is designed for nearly every feedback programme, including:

    • Customer experience
    • Employee experience
    • UX research
    • Business processes and operations
    • Market research

Powerful Yet Simple Workflow Creation

Close the Loop with Connected Surveys

Only Alchemer Workflow enables teams to connect multiple surveys within a single workflow. The Connected Surveys capability allows you to continuously engage with a customer, closing the feedback loop each time as you ask for more specific feedback. This improves the respondent’s experience and allows you to build segmented audiences for more targeted actions.

Create Always-On Surveys with Initiators

With Alchemer Workflow Initiators, you can listen to events from your third-party enterprise software such as Salesforce, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Service Cloud, Zendesk, and others – to automatically initiate surveys and feedback requests in the context of your customer’s or employee’s experience.

Easily Build Workflows with a Visual, No-code Interface

Alchemer Workflow provides an intuitive and easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface and no-code design that allows you to quickly design the framework for an effective workflow. You can test and review the design with stakeholders prior to configuring all the individual steps and make any changes easily with the visualisation tools.

Put Feedback in the Hands of Your People

Create Personalised Experiences with If/Else Logic

Add If/Else Logic to individual steps in any workflow to create effective branch logic. With If/Else Logic, you can go beyond If/Then Logic to tailor and personalise the customer’s experience. Logic branching allows you to differentiate your response based on a customer’s specific feedback and preferences. Using this logic, you can ensure that no customer voice is left behind.

Engage at the Right Time

The Delay step allows teams to add a delay to specific steps in a workflow. Customise the respondent’s experience by configuring the cadence of steps, including the pacing of surveys and actions. This allows you to avoid survey fatigue by delivering shorter surveys. You can also use Delay to reach respondents and those taking action (your teams and departments) at the right time.

Integrate Feedback into Your Business Systems

Alchemer Workflow makes it easy to integrate feedback data into the systems and processes you already use. There’s no need to replace software or learn new tools. The Alchemer Platform offers native integrations with the most popular CRM, business intelligence, marketing, and communications systems, and our Open REST API, extensible architecture, and no-code design make it easy to integrate with most systems.

Create Better Connections Across the Organisation

Prove Your Programme’s Business Value

Alchemer Workflow’s market-first features, such as Connected Surveys and If/Else Logic, drive deeper engagement with customers so you can quickly and effectively close the loop with customers and employees. By making them feel heard and valued, you will be able to demonstrate increases in retention, adoption, growth, and advocacy.

Build Confidence with Robust Testing

The Testing function in Alchemer Workflow allows teams to test their workflow to ensure it will meet its objective. You can isolate sections of a workflow to test and share a test link with others for collaboration. The Testing function validates each step in a workflow to indicate if it is ready to launch.

Build Beyond a Single Department

Like with Alchemer Survey, Alchemer Workflow works for any department using the systems your teams are already using without requiring department-specific modules. Now you can build multiple workflows – even from the same surveys – that share information across departments like CX, product and UX research, marketing and market research, HR and employee experience, and business processes and operations.

Move from Data Collection to People Connections

Visually Build Workflows 

Alchemer Workflow lets you build each step of a workflow in a single, visual interface, making it easier to break down complex processes into single steps. This enables you to build a workflow as though you were working it out on a whiteboard, but with all the connections being made automatically.

Launch Without IT Resources

Alchemer Workflow helps transform your company into a customer-centric organisation without straining IT resources. Our no-code workflow feedback engine simplifies and automates taking action and closing the loop with the people giving feedback.

Connect to People and Departments

Alchemer Workflow leads organisations from data collection to people connections, so they can effectively close the loop with their customers. You can route responses to the right people and departments who are empowered to personally respond based on the feedback, respondent, location, and more.

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