Build resilient, engaged communities


Turn community feedback into community progress

Collect, understand, and act on community-wide feedback with flexible, scalable survey software.


Launch projects in hours, not weeks

Get started quickly and easily—without painful implementation.


Meet your community where they are

Connect with email and SMS, plus QR codes, in-app, web, and more.


Give everyone just the right experience

Engage your community with personalised feedback collection.


Uncover insights and take action

Identify trends and discover what matters most to your community.

Bring more value to your community

Gather feedback from beneficiaries, volunteers, donors, and staff to ensure you’re meeting the needs of your diverse community—and delivering on your mission statement.

    • Boost the impact of programs and services
      Collect feedback from your community to understand where you excel and where you’re falling short, so you can make improvements where they’ll have the most impact.
    • Engage and satisfy volunteers
      Collect feedback from volunteers on skills, experience, and preferences to match them with the right opportunities and improve satisfaction and retention.
    • Build stronger donor and community relationships
      Understand satisfaction with giving, events, and experiences, and tailor your fundraising efforts to your donor base.


Collect community feedback with powerful, precise surveys

Easily create branded, customised surveys right out of the box. Or get the help you need to build and analyse surveys from our in-house experts.

    • Get better data with 40+ question types
      Gather actionable feedback with everything from Likert Scales to NPS®, file and image uploads, and more.
    • Personalise your surveys for any audience
      Get more complete responses and collect better data with advanced features like multilingual surveys, pre-populated answers, anonymous responses, and powerful survey logic.
    • Reach your community wherever they are
      Send surveys through email, web, and SMS, along with kiosks, QR codes, and more.
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Engage with your digital community across every channel

Effortlessly gather feedback on websites and apps, and ensure you give everyone the digital tools and experiences that make the most impact.

    • Modernise your services, and deliver the digital transformation your community deserves
    • Improve web and app experience for your entire community
    • Prioritise the digital improvements that will make the biggest difference


Make more informed decisions
with unmatched ease

    • Gather quick insights with out-of-the-box reporting

    • Easily schedule reports and share real-time data with stakeholders

    • Export data directly to XLS or your existing systems for deeper analysis

    • Quickly filter, segment, and create powerful reports faster than ever before
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Enterprise-level data security and compliance

    • End-to-end data encryption
    • Data residency and isolation
    • Identity access and management
    • Distributed cloud architecture
    • Data retention
    • Open REST API
    • Proactive account protection
    • Proactive anti-phishing


Spend more time on what matters with on-demand expert guidance

From survey design to panel services, project management, data analysis and more, Alchemer’s in-house Research Solutions team gives you access to decades of experience at the exact level of support you need, so you can focus on meeting your goals.


Make a difference faster, with fewer headaches

Get up and running, fast

Included onboarding and best-in-class ease of use let you kick off projects faster, with fewer frustrations.

Support that's there for you

Award-winning customer support and success teams make your ongoing success a priority.

Enable every team to succeed

Robust on-demand education and documentation keeps you moving.

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