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Create Beautiful Surveys Every Time

Customize the URL where your survey is hosted, insert your brand’s colors, fonts, and logo, and generally take control of the entire survey-taking experience. Alchemer can fade into the background to keep the focus on your brand.

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Quickly and easily create surveys that are on brand and in style

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Use our easy theme builder to create surveys that compliment your brand. If you’re an HTML & CSS wizard, you’ll love that we give you full access to your survey’s layout and styles.

Fonts, Colors, and Logos

Choose a pre-designed survey theme, or customize the look and feel of your survey with your own fonts, color scheme, and images. You can even customize your survey’s URL.

Customize Your Survey

You can customize every bit of text in your survey – add instructions, change button text, error messages, your final page’s text, and much more. Now, your survey’s language and tone can perfectly match your brand’s.


Survey Branding

Your surveys should look the way you want them to. For most plan levels, Alchemer allows complete survey and app rebranding including colors, fonts, and logos.

Dozens of Pre-Built Survey Templates

Get started fast with a time-saving survey template

Custom Thank You Page

Create a unique thank you page with your own messaging

Fully Customizable XHTML/CSS Templates

Customize your survey with XHTML and CSS

Customize Font Family and Size

Edit the text and text appearance within your survey

Customize Template Colors

Adjust colors to create your specific look and feel

Edit Survey Width

Define the width of your survey

Change Logo Alt Text and Footer Text

Edit logo alt text and footer text

Edit General Error Message

Customize any general error messages a respondent might receive from your survey

Edit “Next”, “Submit”, and “Close” Button Text

Customize the next, submit, and close buttons

Optional Back Button

Allow respondents to move backward in the survey to make edits

Upload Logo

Upload your logo and display it in the survey

Optional “Powered by Alchemer” Logo

Choose to include or remove “powered by Alchemer” for white labeling purposes

Customize Language

Upload language text to survey, and have specific language show up based on browser settings

Language Selector Bar

Allow respondent to select language before starting the survey

Branded Subdomain Link

Add your brand to your survey link.

Private Domain Link

Fully brand your survey links removing any reference to Alchemer.

iPad, iPhone, and Mobile Survey Themes

Each survey and question type is automatically optimized for viewing on multiple platforms, from desktops to laptops to tablets to phones, and on multiple operating systems.

iPad Surveys

Access surveys on iPads and tablets

iPhone Surveys

Access surveys on iPhones and other mobile devices

Android Surveys

Access surveys on Android phones and other mobile devices


Alchemer curates libraries of common custom questions, responses, survey templates, and survey themes in addition to a library of your own images and documents. It’s all at your fingertips.

Question Library

Use our massive question library and build your very own

File Library

Upload and store your own images and documents to use in surveys

Theme Library

Easily create themes that match your brand or choose one from our library