How to Measure Customer Satisfaction with NPS

How to Measure Customer Satisfaction with NPS Ebook Cover

What’s inside

To gather intel about how satisfied your customers are, many companies begin by collecting Net Promoter Score data and analyzing it.

But more often we are finding that the big picture impact of measuring customer satisfaction vis a vis NPS is not fully understood.  

In this guide we discuss

  • Why track customer satisfaction and loyalty?
  • The ROI of NPS
  • How NPS helps earn market share 


In the on-demand economy we operate in, it’s no secret that customers expect you to go beyond just taking their money and giving them a product or service. They demand attention, responsiveness, and the feeling of being connected to the companies they frequent. 

By measuring their levels of satisfaction and loyalty, you can determine how well you’re doing in these vital areas of growth and retention. 

The data you get from NPS scores provides insights into aggregate data about customer sentiment, but it’s still important to work hard within your organization to think of your customers as individuals. Each person deserves one-on-one consideration, or at least as close to it as you can get. 

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