September Newsletter

September 23, 2021

The “Where Did September Go?” Edition

If you’re wondering where September went, you are not alone. Vacations are over, the weather is changing, and now is the time to get everything lined up for the fourth-quarter push. As always, we’d love to know if you find this information valuable. Please share your ideas and feedback using this survey (which is also at the end of the newsletter).

The fast-paced world of market research is evolving. Use this comprehensive guide to discover which features to look for in choosing market research tools for 2022. Read More.

If you want to see how Alchemer compares to the rest of the top survey solutions for market researchers, click here.

Alchemer Is Still the Most Implementable on G2

If you’re looking to switch survey platforms, or want to consolidate your various survey tools to one easily managed solution, Alchemer makes it easy. This month we took home awards for Most Implementable survey software. We also won Highest User Adoption, Fastest Implementation, Easiest Setup, and Best Meets Requirements for Fall 2021. Read more.

Building Your Survey with the Right Questions

Many people jump directly into the “build” phase of their survey, but spending some time designing the survey before building it can help you better achieve your survey goals and learning objectives. Click here to read more.

What’s the Big Deal About Max Diff?

Max Diff is one question type most survey software providers dance around. Max Diff encourages respondents to make tough choices so you can uncover what they really find most important. Discover why Max Diff can make a big difference for you. Read More.

Alchemer Customer Survey Results

Last month we ran a survey of our customers (and thank you to everybody who participated). It really helped us get to know you better. Here’s what we learned from you last month.

  • 54.4% of you use Alchemer for Market Research.
  • The feature you value most is Question Types (good thing we have twice as many)
  • Pepperoni was the big winner in pizza toppings.
  • Chocolate edged out Mint Chocolate Chip for ice-cream flavors.

Read the rest of the results here!

September Survey: You and Pets

Last month you told us about your pets. Dogs were the big winner, with more than half (58%) of our respondents providing care for canines. Cats followed at 36% with None coming in ahead of fish. See the Results.

This month’s survey is about candy (or sweets). It features the Cascading Menus question type. Tell us your favorites as a kid and now. Take our quick survey here.

Question from August

In response to our August newsletter, one reader asked, “I am looking for information regarding your security systems and how you keep client data confidential and protected?”

Great question, Frances! Alchemer took the GDPR compliance as the benchmark for protecting all of our customers’ and respondents’ privacy, regardless of where they are. We have data centers in Europe, the US, and Canada to help comply with GDPR, along with support centers in the US and Europe. We also employ a secure application and data architecture with a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) to create separate network segments using AWS Security Groups (which are like firewall rules). Visit our security page for more information and our security whitepaper. Read More

Thanks for this great question. If you have a question or want to see something new or helpful discussed in our next newsletter, tell us in this survey. Or email if you prefer.

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That’s All for this Month.

Tune in next month to see if your suggestion or story made the cut. And if you didn’t submit one, that’s cool, we’ll catch you next month. Want to leave a suggestion? Click here to take our Newsletter survey. Thank you for your time and support.

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