Mozilla Produces Immediately Actionable Feedback by Injecting the Voice of the Customer Throughout the Organization

Customer Story
September 17, 2020

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“Getting surveys up and running fast, and then sharing the data as we collect it, helps give stakeholders preliminary feedback they can see using the built-in dashboards,” said Tyler Downer, Quantitative User Researcher at Mozilla. “Gathering and quickly reporting on data allows product management and engineering to see user response to new products and features in real-time, allowing for rapid adjustments without the need for dedicated analysts all the time.”

Mozilla chose Alchemer as their primary data-collection platform because, as Tyler Downer says, “We don’t need engineering skills to collect data.” Mozilla, the non-profit creators of the Firefox web browser, has about 60 employees using Alchemer for everything from support to product satisfaction, product feedback, internal surveys, generating ideas and product improvements, and protecting privacy.

Injecting the Voice of the Customer

Alchemer is used throughout departments at Mozilla, including IT, marketing, and customer support. Using a website-intercept feedback form in Firefox desktop and mobile users are asked if they are happy or sad with a follow-up question asking why.

This allows Mozilla to gauge how people react to features and changes. Mozilla also targets smaller random groups to provide insights on product changes and their internet experience in general, which helps decision-makers in Product Management and Engineering decide on the roadmap.

They also use panels to query users of all major browsers (including Mozilla) to identify browser feature preferences. Mozilla determines which browser features users are utilizing most frequently and which features they wish they had. This helps them drive product roadmap and development.

“We’ve integrated the feedback we collect into our decision making,” added Tyler. The responses from each survey help Mozilla better understand what works and what doesn’t, and why. Information is shared automatically in real-time with Product Management, Engineering, Customer Support, Marketing, and key management stakeholders.

Better Customer Satisfaction

For the past six years, Mozilla deploys a CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) tracker when a customer is looking in the Mozilla knowledge base, community page, or support documents. While they search, customers receive a pop-up banner.

By entering their email address and some feedback, the customer can receive a follow-up message from a support representative. This helps the support team proactively stay on top of customer satisfaction while closing the loop with people who took the time to respond. They’ve seen their CSAT scores go up in large part because of this.

Improving Employee Satisfaction

Additionally, Mozilla surveys employees regularly to find out what type of communication they would like in the internal newsletter. Like closing the loop with customers, this helps employees stay engaged as they see their feedback result in changes to the newsletter.

It also helps keep communications fresh and relevant, giving employees another reason to be happy doing their best work at Mozilla.

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