June 2020

Company News
June 9, 2020

Welcome to the June 2020 edition of the Alchemer Monthly Insider newsletter. Each month, we will share product and solution news, use cases, and other helpful information. Is this information valuable? Is there more you want to hear from us? Please provide your ideas and feedback using this survey.

We have shared in previous newsletters how we and our customers are coping with the pandemic. Now we are struggling with something new — the harsh reality of racism.

Things need to change in America and we all need to do our part. At Alchemer we believe change begins with listening with the intent to truly understand. Listening is key

As with many companies, we are focusing new efforts on understanding what we can do to drive this change. We’ll share our progress in future newsletters.

Sales Optimizer

Announcing the Sales Motion Optimizer Solution: Close More and Bigger Deals

80% of buyers say the sales experience is as important as the actual product. Our new Sales Motion Optimizer Solution delivers a hyper-personalized sales experience that fully engages prospects. Optimizing your sales motion will drive more and bigger deals. Click Learn More to see how we can make that happen.

Alchemer University

Alchemer University (AU) Introduces New Training: “Building Advanced Questions”

Last month SGU launched the “Account Administration” program – this month we are introducing the “Building Advanced Questions” training. This four-course training program provides expert guidance on how to ask the right questions to deliver the results you need. This training, along with 27 more courses, are free to our paid and trial subscribers. Learn More

IDC: Alchemer Extends Its Customer Experience Intelligence Reach

A recently published profile of Alchemer by IDC, a leading technology analyst firm, highlights how our platform addresses the “pain points brands face in gathering, analyzing, and operationalizing customer engagement data.” Yes, we are much more than great survey software. To read more from IDC, click here.

Customer Case Study:
Sahler Research Assesses Changing Spending Behavior Related to COVID-19

Can China offer a roadmap for consumer spending in the US? Sahler Research believes that China is several months ahead of the US in its recovery from COVID-19. By surveying Chinese consumers, they believe they can better forecast when, if ever, the US will return to normal consumer-buying behavior. Read how the Alchemer Panels Team supported Sahler Research in reaching Chinese consumers. 

Support Tip of the Month:
Leverage Merge Codes to deliver tailored experiences

When you add merge codes to your surveys, they can, for example, dynamically display data from previous questions. This allows you to create more of a conversation with your respondents, which in turn drives better responses. To see how merge codes can help improve your surveys, click here.

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Please be safe and look out for each other. 

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