July 2020

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July 20, 2020

Welcome to the July 2020 edition of the Alchemer Monthly Insider newsletter. Each month, we share product and solution news, use cases, and other helpful information. Is this information valuable? Is there more you want to hear from us? Please provide your ideas and feedback using the survey at the end of the newsletter.

Return To Work Solution

Discover the Return-to-Work Solution: Reopen Your Offices With Confidence

Many companies are starting to reopen their offices. With the Alchemer Return-to-Work Solution, businesses can reopen with confidence. This new solution provides repeatable, trackable, and easy-to-use processes for employees to follow when returning to the office. Learn more on how we can help your company return to work safely and confidently.

Alchemer University

Alchemer University (Au) Introduces New Training:  Actions Program

Do you know which actions a survey response should trigger? Should you display a Results Chart or automatically send an email? Our latest training will identify the best actions to use and how to build and implement them to make your surveys more effective. This training, along with 30 more courses, are free to our paid and trial subscribers.

Enterprise Experience Console: A new UI to Advance our navigation and usability

We are constantly enhancing the Alchemer platform. We recommend you explore the Enterprise Experience. This new UI makes the most powerful and commonly used features more visible. To try it out for free, visit this blog post.

G2: Alchemer leads in User Adoption, Implementation, and overall Best Results

G2.com is the world’s leading business software review platform. For Summer 2020, reviewers identified Alchemer as having the Highest User Adoption, being the Most Implementable Enterprise solution, and having the Best Results overall in the enterprise category. To find out why Brian S. called us a “freakishly good survey tool!” click here.

Alchemer Summer G2 Awards

Support Tip of the Month:
Quickly search your survey and see the whole picture

A commonly overlooked Alchemer feature is “Find & Replace,“ which allows you to quickly search your survey for something you want to update. Also rarely used, “Bulk Editor” shows you the entire survey so you can easily see and choose which pages or questions to set as required and which ones to enable or disable. Click here to learn more.

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