How to Choose the Right Alchemer Licenses

February 24, 2017

How are licenses better than plan levels? Oh, let me count the ways. That said, the new licenses are different enough from our old plans that it’s time to answer some frequently asked questions and explain some of the new, exciting features of Alchemer Licenses.

With six licenses to choose from, there is sure to be one build for your data collection needs.

In this post, I answer questions like:

  • What are solution-based licenses like the Market Research and Human Resources Licenses?
  • What are general licenses?
  • How does team collaboration work with the new structure?
  • What if I don’t pick the right licenses for my organization?


Tailored to Your Needs: Solution-Based Licenses

Solutions-based licenses take the guesswork out of which plan level is right for your project. They include everything you need to get your job done efficiently and effectively, without paying for features you won’t use. These are packages are a customized experience designed specifically for that role.

Solutions licenses include specific licenses for market research and human resource. These licenses were designed based on feedback from market researchers and human resource professionals who have used Alchemer for years – and knew exactly what they need and what they don’t.

The Market Research License includes advanced features like choice-based conjoint analysis, segmentation, and R scripting.

The Human Resource License, in addition to a suite of advanced question types, includes special features like the 360 Review Project, which makes administering 360s for everyone in your company a breeze.

Depending on which solutions license you choose, your experience is tailored to your role. Defaults are automatically set to optimize the speed of tasks, including libraries of common questions and answers.


Don’t Want a Solutions-Based License? There’s a General License for You

Every license has its benefits. While a Full Account user has access to the full power of Alchemer, the reality is that few users really need every single feature. In fact, for newer survey builders, an advanced license would simply be too much.

For Basic license users, the application is pared down for a more streamlined experience. The question types available at the Basic level are straightforward and easy to implement and test, ensuring that your surveys are as affective as they need to be. This reduces confusion and common problems, so new users can spend more time creating and analyzing surveys and less time searching our Help Documentation!

In addition to the Basic License, we also have a Full Access License that gives users every single feature in Alchemer. While very powerful, we Full Access License 


Collaborating on Data Collection Projects Just Got Easier

Every multi-user account is unique because every team is unique. Alchemer licenses allow for each user to have access to exactly the tools they need, with none of the distracting bells and whistles they don’t need. Within a multi-user account, however, each one of these users can collaborate on projects easily.

That’s not all.

With customizable Users, Team, and Roles, account administrators can set parameters around who can do what.

For example. Someone in the Sales department doesn’t need to, and frankly shouldn’t, access surveys created by the human resource department. With Teams, you can organize multiple users into multiple teams. Teams can then work on their own projects within the application, without other teams having access to their surveys or results. This is especially helpful for departments like sales and HR that handle sensitive and personally identifiable information.

If and when data is can be shared across team lines, it’s easy to do so. This way, departments can share the insights they’ve gather to better serve the organization as a whole (and cut down on the need to duplicate projects for lack of data sharing).

With licenses and Users, Teams, and Roles, collaborating – and managing that collaboration – has never been easier. Share the surveys and data you need without sharing passwords. Keep sensitive surveys and data secure.

New with Alchemer licenses, account administrators are able to monitor user access logs, review which features are being used, and keep track of activity within accounts. This way, if something gets changed, you are more easily able to track down the person who made that change. More on why this is so useful in the next section.

For more on how Users, Teams, and Roles can be used to manage complex organization structures and maintain data security, see our blog post on the topic.


Pay for What You Need (Not What You Won’t Use)

Many organizations start using a tool like Alchemer for one project or department, then the organization realizes just how powerful, flexible, and downright useful the platform is. They start expanding their use of Alchemer, covering internal projects and external research.

In the old version of Alchemer (which we now call our Legacy accounts), the user and pricing structure was ill suited for large organizations. If you wanted to add new users to your account, each user was a full-priced add on. It simply wasn’t cost effective for most accounts and, frankly, most additional users did not need or use the full range of Alchemer’s features.

Now, with Alchemer’s license pricing, adding more users isn’t a burden because you can customize which license every user needs. This way, your power users will have access to the advanced features they need, while beginner or basic users focus on the fundamentals of building great surveys. You don’t need to, and shouldn’t, pay for full access to all employees when many won’t use those advance features.

Worried that you’re not getting the right licenses for your team? It’s no problem. With licenses in Team and Enterprise Edition, each user is monitored over the course of the year. Alchemer logs which users use which features, so you can better gauge which license level is appropriate to their needs and projects.

We want every user in your account to get the most out of their Alchemer experience, and we want you to get the most value. At the end of your first year, we check these records and we’ll be the first to suggest downgrading individual user licenses in order to maximize the ROI for your organization as a whole.

Surprised? Don’t be. Alchemer doesn’t succeed unless you succeed, and keeping budget spends efficient is a big part of success.


Ready to Explore Alchemer Licenses?

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