Alchemer Monthly Insider, March

March 18, 2021

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Alchemer Customer Engagement for Sales

Alchemer Customer Engagement for Sales is designed to help sales teams build hyper-personalized relationships with customers throughout the entire buyer’s journey. Susan McGovern, VP of Customer Value and Enablement, shares her thoughts in a recent interview and went more in depth in this webinar with SVP of Sales, Mary Beth Addison. 

Employee Centricity is Customer Centricity

It’s been a year since the pandemic arrived and we closed the Alchemer office in Boulder and sent everybody home. Over the last 12 months, everything about the workplace has changed. At Alchemer our customers are the center of our business. However, there’s an additional layer that’s part of that foundation – our employees. Alchemer’s VP of Human Resources, Heather Rollins, writes that fundamentally, employee centricity empowers employees to put the customer at the heart of every business decision.

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What’s New from Alchemer University?

AU’s newest program includes seven courses to help you identify the best mix of distribution methods to reach multiple groups of respondents, increase response rates, and keep all the data in one project. Learn more.

Looking to Solve Something Else?  

You will find all of the Alchemer University Courses in the Alchemer app at the bottom of the left-hand navigation menu. 

Education and Research

Research is the foundation of many educational institutions, but if your survey solution doesn’t work across all your needs, you might be spending money you could use elsewhere. Alchemer offers many uses throughout campus, without giving up the centralized IT control your institution needs to protect respondents, students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Learn More.

Tips & Tricks
Employee Engagement – Anonymous Surveys by Department 

Employees are an important part of your business foundation and can provide critical insights impacting the bottom line. Whether you want a quick pulse check, or a more in-depth review, allowing your employees to provide their feedback anonymously is invaluable. Learn how to set up anonymity in your Alchemer surveys. Learn more.

Customer-Centric Extras

More in Employee and Customer Centricity:

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