The Activated NPS Solution Drives Higher Customer Satisfaction

February 18, 2020

By Vanessa Bagnato, Director of Solutions Marketing

Customer-focused organizations often measure their success by their Net Promoter Score (NPS). Some may use Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) ratings, some might use Customer Effort Score (CES), but they are all measuring their customer’s happiness in doing business with them.

The biggest problem facing companies using these scoring systems is acting on the feedback in time to turn somebody who is upset or doesn’t care, into an advocate. Aggregating the data, which is what most companies do automatically, only makes that more difficult. Large customers get lumped in with small customers, your most profitable customers get averaged with your highest maintenance (and lowest profit) customers. So, while you get an average score, you don’t get the kind of information that can make a difference.

The problem is exacerbated when one of your biggest and most profitable customers is unhappy. The fact is, if a company waits to analyze trends or takes too long to make changes, they may leave the customer behind, whether large or small. As soon as a respondent’s score gets averaged without being addressed, you have to hope you can repair any issues when it comes time for them to renew.

The Activated NPS Solution

The Activated NPS Solution from Alchemer is a complete suite of services that allow you to set up, manage, monitor, and act on your customer feedback. The last step is the critical one. It allows you to close the loop with your customers in real-time – while they’re upset, indifferent, or happy. It allows you to turn indifferent and unhappy customers in fans, and happy customers into evangelists.

Here’s an example

One Sunday, a customer responded to an NPS feedback request with a score of 0 (the lowest possible score). They noted in the open-text comments section that they were having login issues. The 0 score immediately triggered a support ticket in the company’s customer support department. Within a few hours, an on-call customer support team member personally responded to the account administrator and the user and provided the instructions to solve their challenge.

The customer’s reaction was one of disbelief. He said he didn’t think anybody monitored NPS reviews, let alone would respond. The reaction of the customer support team saved that account.

How it works

When the customer submitted their NPS feedback, the Activated NPS Solution automatically created a ticket in the Salesforce Service Cloud and sent a Slack message to the account representative. The customer service representative treated the NPS review just like another support ticket. The implementation of the Activated NPS Solution didn’t change how the support team worked, it fit into the way the team worked naturally.

That’s how the Activated NPS Solution is designed to work – with the systems and processes you already use to close the loop with customers. Responding in real time to people.

It’s completely unexpected in this day and age of relentless surveys that go nowhere. That kind of customer experience can save an account, save your reputation, and even save your business. And that’s the power of the Activated NPS Solution.

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