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Use an intuitive, flexible, and hassle-free platform when you create your polls. Alchemer gives you access to software that makes it easy to build quick web-based polls that allow you to gather feedback immediately.

How to Create Polls Online

An online poll survey is a great tool that goes beyond getting on-the-spot feedback. It also lets you check in with your customers or audience. When you send online poll questions, you’re delivering two messages: you’re available, and the opinions or choices of your respondents matter to you.

If you’re creating an online poll survey for the first time, take note of these steps:

1. Come up with a question.

2. Create choices for these questions with the Alchemer online poll creator.

3. Use the Alchemer online poll service to launch the poll.

Types of Polls You Can Create Using Our Online Poll Service

Depending on your goal, you may create the following common types of polls:

1. Opinion Poll – This lets you understand the opinion of people in a given population on a particular subject. The purpose is to predict the preference of a broad audience accurately by asking a question to a small sample.

2. Push Poll – This marketing tool helps influence the opinion of an audience concerning an organization or brand. It utilizes questions strategically crafted to have a positive influence on the respondent.

3. Tracking Poll – Also known as a rolling poll, this is a survey continuously repeated at fixed intervals to measure changes in a target population’s behavior or attitude.

4. Benchmark Poll – This preliminary poll helps researchers understand their audience and the market at a baseline level. Researchers in the marketing world usually conduct this type of poll before the announcement of a new product or service.

Great Uses for Polls

Polls are not limited to predicting the winner of a presidential election. You may use it for the following purposes:

Gather Valuable Feedback from Your Audience – If you have just launched a product, you may come up with a poll to see how many people are satisfied with it. Or if you are still in the design stage, you may ask your target population industry-specific questions. The answer or feedback they provide will help create a better product for a future launch.

Tweak Your Marketing Strategy– What types of content does your audience want? You can come up with polls to get instant feedback on the content that people want to consume in order to consider buying your product or service.

Plan an Event – You can poll your audience to assess their preferences on possible agendas or venues for an upcoming event.

Engage Your Audience – Your online polls don’t need to be serious all the time. You may add a touch of fun by asking entertaining or funny questions. Doing so helps keep your social media followers engaged and interested.

Tips for Creating Great Polls
Creating a web-based poll may be easy, but you can improve the experience for your respondents by leveraging these suggestions:

Make your questions close-ended – A typical online poll creator usually comes with a variety of question types, such as ranking, checkboxes, and multiple choices. Whenever possible, use questions that respondents can easily answer with “Yes” or “No.” It makes quantifying the data easy on your end. On top of that, answering a Yes-or-No question takes less time, which is helpful if your respondents are short on time.

Keep the questions concise but engaging – Short and punchy questions allow people to understand the topic and statement better. In coming up with a question for your respondents, read the statement aloud to gauge if the tone and the length of the question will compel them to spend time answering it.

Insert a compelling image to your poll – If possible, add a picture. This helps draw the attention of the audience and encourage them to vote.

Narrow down the number of poll choices – Don’t get carried away by listing every possible choice for a given question. List two or four popular options, and you’re all set.

Don’t go overboard with the questions – A poll is more engaging when it has less than four questions. Any more and your respondents will think that they’re answering a long survey.

How You Can Use Polls to Improve Your Business

Polls and surveys are invaluable to organizations looking to get feedback and using that information to improve business. Polls can achieve this in a number of ways, including:

Market Research

Get an idea of what your customers are thinking about the products you sell, the services you provide, or the brand that you have using polls. Let your findings influence and inform further marketing strategies down the line.

Event Planning and Feedback

Use polls for evaluating themes, venues, and agendas when event planning. You can also use it for registration and attendance information. After the event, you can use polls to assess participant satisfaction.

Course Feedback

Polls can give you valuable information about classes for students or training courses for professionals. Use the results to identify potential areas for improvement and what you can do about them. This will improve similar events and activities in the future.

Audience Engagement

Polls can be a fun and exciting engagement activity for your customers. Set up poll questions that will keep your social media followers and loyal customers interested in your business. You can even set up polls that will promote new products and marketing endeavors.

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Find out whether your customers are going to recommend your products and services to others. Repeat and recommending customs are priceless in the business world. Use the results to further improve your operations, processes, and customer service.

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