Get Better In-App Feedback to Make Your Mobile App Shine

Getting more people to download your app and rate it highly is the key to success today. The more people who love your app, the more people will download it. Alchemer Mobile can help you get there.


    • Effectively target mobile customers who love your app, so they leave 5-star reviews
      • Reaching them when they’re happiest increases the likelihood of a good rating
    • Rapidly drive more 4 and 5-star ratings to double the likelihood of downloads
      • Apps with 4 stars and more are 89% more likely to be downloaded
    • Identify key moments when mobile customer emotions shift and respond
      • Identify micro-trends before they become full-blown trends
    • Track feelings over time to see what’s happening now
      • Knowing trends over time allows you to see short-term ups and downs faster
    • Follow users as they shift from fans to risks
      • Risks can tell you what’s not working for them
    • Respond as people shift emotions to learn why
      • Reach out to people so they know you’re paying attention
    • Set minimum ratings thresholds for ratings
      • Know when sentiments change before they become a trend
    • Create alerts in your Alchemer Mobile dashboard
      • Spot changes in ratings and respond to keep ratings high
    • Manage multiple app alerts from a single dashboard
      • Oversee all of your apps from the same dashboard
    • Target different customers for ratings and product surveys
      • Segment your audiences and timing to reach people at the best time
    • Keep in constant contact with users without exceeding in-app rating limits
      • Begin conversations with the people who use your app
    • Reach people in the moment to get better feedback
      • Ask for ratings and reviews without disrupting the experience
    • Conduct targeted product surveys
      • Ask the people most likely to respond questions
    • Turn your app into a two-way communications channel
      • Begin deeper conversations with users to build better apps
    • Drive engagement with Notes, even provide incentives for feedback
      • Get higher response rates and reward people for participating in surveys

We’re Here to Help.

Whatever you need to discuss – from strategies to increase users and ratings, to building your product roadmap – Alchemer Mobile is here to help you every step of the way.

"Alchemer Mobile (formerly Apptentive) gives us a platform to pull all of our mobile customers' voices into one channel and gives us an overall picture of what they say, how we can improve, and how to build our strategy on it. We love the great responses and positive feedback, but we see a huge benefit from the critical responses and how we can improve."

- Katie Rice, Product at JetBlue

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