Increase your email quota.

Reach more people, gather more feedback, and produce actionable insights to scale your business.

Reach more survey respondents via email

Maintain confidence that you will not exceed the standard Alchemer Email Campaign quota by boosting your limit to 100,000 emails per month. Gather more feedback to produce actionable insights that will boost your bottom line.

Allow respondents to save and continue

Enable respondents to pause their session and return to their responses at the time that is most convenient for them.

Protect against duplicate responses

Direct respondents who click their unique survey link a second time to the responses that they’ve already provided, which prevents the recording of multiple responses.

Know from whom each response is coming

Distribute each survey email with a unique tracking URL, so you’ll know exactly who provided each individual response.

Personalize surveys and invitations

Tailor your survey invitation emails to each specific respondent and pre-populate surveys with data from contact fields.

Track progress and send reminders

Keep your finger on the pulse of survey completion status, send email reminders to those respondents who have not completed your survey, and deliver “thank you” messages to those who have.

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Improve data collection and management by scaling your email campaigns.

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