2023 Healthcare Mobile Customer Engagement Benchmark Report

Healthcare Industry

Mobile app developers in the Medical and Fitness industries are always searching for ways to improve ratings and reviews, plus overall retention of app users.

The 2023 Heathcare Mobile Customer Engagement Benchmark Report will let you know how your app stacks up against the rest in your industry.

Download the Healthcare Mobile Customer Engagement Benchmark Report by filling out the form. Discover the benchmarks that relate specifically to your industry and learn about ways to improve your performance.

An excerpt from the report:

Medical apps prompted an average of 31% of their customers for surveys (compared to the 30% overall benchmark), and received a 23% response rate as a result — much higher than the overall benchmark of 13%. Conversely, Fitness apps only prompted an average 0.5% of customers for surveys, receiving a low 8% average survey response rate. Fitness apps are not talking to enough of their consumers, which is leading to low engagement rates across interactions. This year, understanding what will bring Fitness-app customers back into the experience and fixing technical in-app issues is paramount to success.

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